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One million years ago, the Celestials arrived on Earth and conducted experiments on early homonids. From these experiments were born three separate species: Humans, Deviants, and Eternals.[5]

The Eternals, gifted with cosmic powers and longevity, started out as nomadic people,[6] but eventually established themselves, creating the city of Titanos, under the leadership of Chronos,[7] in North America.[8][note 1]

Cassus Beli[]

Thousands of years later, Chronos' brother, Ouranos, rejected Chronos' peaceful ways and wished to conquer and subdue the weaker. Chronos refused that path, and war appeared as the only way to solve the issue.[7]


The city of Titanos erupted in civil war, with Uranos and his followers on one side, and Chronos and Oceanus on the other.[9] The war only ended when Druig created a clone of Uranos that his allies would follow into space.[10]


The followers of Uranos traveled to the planet Uranus, where they were opposed by a Kree Sentry,[11] There, the Eternal Uranos would plan in vain his revenge against his brother. Those events would lead to the births of the Eternal colonies on Uranus,[12] and Titan, and to the creation of the Inhumans by the Kree.[13]

Meanwhile, the true Uranos was forced to endure mental assaults from his fellow eternals before eventually being the first being imprisoned in the Exclusion.[10]

Once the war was over and the defeated exiled, Titanos was rebuilt.[7]

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