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Uranus is the seventh planet in the Sol system, it is named after the Olympian sky god of the same name. It is a gas giant that, so far as the general population of Earth is led to believe, is uninhabited. However, it is the home of the Uranians, an alien race that lives in a hive mind. The planet was also home to a group of Eternals who were exiled from Earth.


Ancient History

The planet has long been the home of the Uranian race, their exact origins remain unknown. Centuries ago, the alien Kree built an outpost on Uranus and left one of their Sentry robots on the planet after they abandoned the outpost. Sometime after that, Eternals in exile from Earth landed here, led by their leader Uranos and they destroyed the Sentry, alerting the Kree of their existence. Uranos left Astron and three of his other minions on Uranus while he and his other followers attempted to return to Earth[1] but were shot down near Saturn's moon Titan where they founded a society but it was eventually wiped out due to war. The remaining Eternals on Uranus soon discovered the by the Uranians, who upon learning that the Eternals here were in exile allowed them to stay on Uranus and build a society, but forced them to continue their exile or face utter annihilation should they attempt to leave the planet. The Uranian Eternals developed a utopian society but soon longed to return to the planet of their birth and began reaching out to the stars in the hopes of gaining contact with their home world.[2]

20th Century

This opportunity presented itself in 1930s when they contacted German scientist Matthew Grayson who was forced by the Nazis to develop new rocket technologies for use in World War II. With his wife murdered for being a Jew, Grayson sought an escape from Earth for him and his infant son Robert. The Uranian Eternals provided the elder Grayson with the means of building a rocket that took him to Uranus where the two were welcomed with open arms. Hoping to groom young Robert into an ambassador for their eventual return to Earth, Robert was raised as one of their own and groomed into the Uranian and sent back to Earth in 1950 on a good will mission. On Earth, the Uranian soon changed his name to Marvel Boy to be more relatable upon the advice of Timely Comics who agreed to chronicle his adventures in comic books.[3] Many of Marvel Boy's adventures, including ones on Uranus were fictionalized and many of the details may have been changed however they were all based on actual events.[4]

Fictional or not, in 1951 there were a few events of historical significance that occurred on the Uranian colony. Early in that year, an alien race known as the Satanians attempted to invade Uranus when they believed their home world was to crash into the sun. To this end, they planted one of their people among the Uranians to stir up social disobedience. Marvel Boy exposed this plot and put a stop to the Satanian attempts at conquest by using Uranian science to show them that their home world was not at risk.[5] Later, the corrupt Water Commissioner of the Uranian colony attempted to usurp control of the people by taking control of the colony's water supply. This too was thwarted by Marvel Boy.[5] Uranian criminals also attempted to steal atomic secrets shared between the United States government and Matthew Grayson, but like with other threats to the planet, it was thwarted by Marvel Boy.[6]

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