The sister of Stark International secretary Bambi Arbogast,[1] Uranus Bliss was in the restroom of an airplane from France to the US. Fellow passenger Anthony Stark rudely took her out of the toilet during an emergency, so that he could enter and change to Iron Man armor.[2]

Later, Bliss went to a casino in New Jersey. She had just won an amount of cash in a slot machine and was moving the coins to an impromptu bag made of her hat. At the same time, an attack by some super-villains sounded an alarm and Anthony Stark again rushed to change to his armor, pushing Bliss to the floor. She regonized him from the last time and insulted him.[3]

Bliss accompanied her sister Arbogast to the third annual Stark International employee appreciation party, during which Arbogast introduced Bliss to Dr. John Ehrmann, head of the medical services. Bliss discovered that the man who had pushed her twice was the important tycoon Stark, and she got angry that people like him could reach positions of responsibility. Soon afterward, while she was serving herself some punch, Stark pushed her again in another emergency to change to Iron Man; being left behind with a bowl for a hat, Bliss swore murdering revenge.[1]

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Short-sighted (wears glasses)

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