Uri Geller was a stage performer who possessed paranormal abilities that included telekinesis and telepathy. As a child, he had been struck by a light of presumably extraterrestrial origin which had granted him these powers.

He opposed less-powered ESPer Mind-Wave in Europe, but could not prevent Mind-Wave's escape to loot cities elsewhere.

When Mind-Wave attacked New York City, District Attorney Blake Tower asked Daredevil to work with him. Together they stopped Mind-Wave, not without some collateral damage.[1]

  • Uri Geller is a real-life stage performer who claims to have paranormal power. He came to fame with television appearances in the 1970s. As the letter column for Daredevil #133 explains, Stan Lee had asked Marv Wolfman to put Geller in one of the magazines. Wolfman was less than enthusiastic at first, but after meeting Geller, was convinced of his abilities. The letter column also includes a sketch that Geller drew trying to copy one of Wolfman's sketches using his mental abilities.

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