Quote1 Let go. Your essence finds true significance within The Urn! Quote2
-- The Urn src

The Urn was part of a group of Descendants led by the ominous Father who raided A.I.M. Island in order to liberate a Stark Sentinel from A.I.M.. Just as they succeeded in their plan, they were confronted by the Avengers who came there also to take the Sentinel since it had secret files on every superheroes strengths and weaknesses.

This led to a battle between the two groups with Urn going up against Quicksilver. Pietro hit the Urn with super-speed punches to the face but Urn was not phased by the attack. He grabbed Quicksilver by the throat, while telling him to let go so his essence would find true significance.

The Urn was soon shut down by an neural inhibitor created by Giant-Man in order to stop them in their tracks, but was considered by Vision as the equivalent of killing them.[1]


The Urn possesses various superhuman attributes as a result of his artificial nature:

Superhuman Strength: The Urn possesses some degree of superhuman strength as he is seen grabbing Quicksilver by the neck and raising him off the ground with little to no ease.

Superhuman Durability: The Urn also possesses a great deal of durability as he was able to handle multiple punches at high speeds by Quicksilver without showing any sign of getting hurt or being damaged.

Aura Reading: He can sense the aura or life energies of individuals and determine their true significance.

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