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The planet known now as Urrulu was colonized by the grand-fathers of the people known as the Urrulians who blamed their ancestors for having decided to colonize this rock, being all reluctant on the farm job.

The Commander Kak of the Ongulians, intended to sacrificed them and their planet as a diversion, to sneak behind Id, the Selfish Moon, and bomb Id to avenge his home-planet Ongulia, destroyed by Id.

The crop-circle message

Deadpool, hired by the Ongulians, denied this plan and insisted to save the Urrulians, shooting in Kak's arm as persuasion. He was surprised when he was acclaimed by the locals, happy to leave their planet. Before this, Wade made them crop-circling the mocking message, "They're gone - I'm the guy that did it" to angering Id and make Id follow him on U-235.

The Ongulians were then transported in another planet, a cold world, as the Ongulian operator has misunderstood Deadpool's instruction of going to "someplace cool".

The planet was presumably destroyed by Id, angered by the message leaved by Wade.

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