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ADour was banished from his otherwordly home realm by his father and forced to live as a human. While piloting an experimental spaceship, he was irradiated by cosmic rays at the same time a radioactive spider that had infiltrated the ship bit him, an event which activated his latent mutant powers. He crashed back on Earth and discovered his hands were damaged beyond repair.

After looking for a cure in a temple of magical monks, he took part in a governmental project that increased his strength, speed and durability with a special serum. In the middle of the experiments, a tank with chemicals fell on his eyes, causing him to blindly walk into a booby trap that damaged his heart beyond repair. He was kidnapped by terrorists and built a suit of armor to escape. Tired of this series of oddly coincidental events, he teleported to this mundane universe without superhumans, except for maybe that one guy who swims really fast.

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Revamp of Marvel Future Fight and related articles (on hold)

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Revamp of Marvel: Avengers Alliance and related articles (queued)

Iron Man Armor (Earth-1610) articles revamp (queued)

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ADour is ADmin facts!

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ADour possess similar powers to the Beyonder, but he doesn't wear a disco shirt. He knows he wouldn't rock it.

Strength level

Well, imagine Spider-Man's, now The Thing's, now Juggernaut's, now Red Hulk's, now Galactus'. Well, he's on the level of probably Aunt May.



Glasses (with ADour-O-Vision and 'Pool-O-Vision)


ADour-Bus, or by ADour-foot.


ADour Armor Mark 55 (it's just a shirt with an Iron Man armor print)

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