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Artemis Thorson

Real Name
Current Alias

Derrek Gibbons, Synapse


Brotherhood of Fanfiction Writers, Exiles

Diane Gibbons (Mother), Trent Gibbons (Father, Deceased), Evan Rayner (Step-Father), Alice Gibbons (Sister), Spectrum (Step-Uncle)


Base Of Operations
Defenders Mansion


5' 4"

104 lbs



Unusual Features
Alien symbols imprinted on his back


Marital Status


Dropped Out of High School

Suburban teenager chosen by the Watchers to save the universe

Place of Birth
Lenexa, Kansas

Artemis Panther

To see Artemis Panther's real life history, please visit [1]

As a child, Derrek Gibbons enjoyed being older than his sister, Alice. He would often take advantage of her, but his father would try and get him to be nicer to his sister. Eventually, Derrek started being nicer to his sister, and the whole family got along quite well. It wasn't long until tragedy struck. On a normal night, the family heard a crash in their backyard, so Trent, Derrek's father, went out to investigate. As Diane, Derrek's mother, kept the kids inside, Trent soon discovered a meteorite had crashed in their backyard. But when he looked inside, his life met an end. A vicious alien had snapped his neck, and was about to eat his body before Diane shot the creature. It soon fled from their backyard.

Years later, when Derrek was thirteen, his mother remarried with a man named Evan Rayner. Derrek instantly hated him, believing they were disrespecting his father. Alice felt oppositely, glad to have a new father figure in her life. There was one upside, Evan's brother, Aaron, was much more fun and interesting. He was more of a father to Derrek than Evan ever could have been. But eventually, he went away on a long business trip, so Derrek became sad quickly, and he became very distant from his family.

When Derrek was fifteen, just a few weeks before his sixteenth birthday, he was sitting in his backyard, the same place his father had died. He heard a noise and assumed something else was going to crash, but the opposite happened. The ground caved in to reveal a dying, humanoid-like man. For some reason, he wasn't afraid, so he ventured into the crater. He learned the man's name was Uatu, and that he has transported himself to Derrek Gibbons for a reason, and he bestows a gauntlet upon him, which transforms him. Overwhelmed by the power, Derrek falls into a coma right as Uatu passes. The craters refills itself, leaving Derrek unconscious in the backyard.

More Coming Soon!


Flight, Super Strength, Super Durability, Super Stamina, Teleportation, Energy Blasts, Energy Absorption and Redirection, Shape-Shifting, Force Field Generation


Acrobatics, Motorcycle stunts


Psychic Distress, Coulrophobia (fear of clowns)




Uatu's Gauntlet

  • Artemis Panther has multiple personality disorder, amnesia and a photographic memory.
  • Artemis Panther has been the sidekick of Spider-Man, Iron Man, Daredevil, and Hulk. He now has his own sidekick named CaptainJdawg.
  • Artemis is aware of his comic book existence.
  • Artemis has convinced himself that he is a reincarnation of the Greek Goddess of the same name, but he still thinks Apollo is cooler.
  • Artemis's favorite quote he ever said was "They called me a Deadpool rip-off. I called them an ambulance. Wait, no I didn't, because I killed them."
  • Artemis's favorite band is the All-American Rejects
  • Artemis is an actor.
  • Artemis is one of the lead editors on the totally Crash (watch Young Justice: Invasion to understand that slang word) wikia called Marvel Crossroads Wiki
  • Artemis Panther collects souvenirs from his superhero missions such as a wristblade (like the one New Goblin has in SM3), the Joker's hat, Absorbing Man's wrecking ball, Thor's hammer, Batman's very first cape, Nova's helmet, One of Wolverine's claws, Deadpool's gun, Iron Man's armor, Wonder Woman's lasso, and much more.
  • One of Artemis's favorite hobbies is firing his bow and arrows.
  • Artemis is a chocoholic.
  • Artemis is a member of the on-wiki group called the Brotherhood of Fanfiction Writers consisting of himself, The Next X-Man, PhotonCommander10, Mr. Xemnas and Mbarriosfuenmayor
  • Six of these facts are false. Good luck figuring out which ones are!

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Quote1.png What is the best man in the world when he commits the worst sin? Just a man. Quote2.png
--Artemis Panther
Quote1.png Now I'm not saying I'm Spider-Man. I'm just saying me and Spider-Man have never been seen in the same room together. Quote2.png
--Artemis Panther
Quote1.png There are just some things in this world that you can never un-see Quote2.png
--Artemis Panther
Quote1.png If a man who always lies, says that about himself, isn't that the truth, but also another lie? Quote2.png
--Artemis Panther
Quote1.png Whoever said one man can't make a difference? Quote2.png
--Artemis Panther
Quote1.png The most beautiful things are not seen by the eye, but felt by the heart. Quote2.png
--Artemis Panther
Quote1.png It will only be during our darkest hour, when the light we need will truly help us. Quote2.png
--Artemis Panther
Quote1.png Don't judge tomorrow until you've lived through today. Quote2.png
--Artemis Panther

Artemis Panther

Things I want from Marvel

Top 12 Spider-Man: TAS Episodes

12. Day of the Chameleon

11. The Mutant Agena/Mutant's Revenge

10. The Tablet of Time/The Ravages of Time

9. Make a Wish/Attack of the Octobot

8. The Black Cat

7. The Alien Costume Saga

6. The Insidious Six/Battle of the Insidious Six

5. Turning Point

4. Carnage

3. The Return of Hydro-Man: Parts One and Two

2. Secret Wars: Gauntlet of the Red Skull

1. Farewell, Spider-Man

My Exiles

Uncanny Exiles

The Uncanny Exiles are a group of heroes from alternate realities, consisting of Ms. Fantastic, Spider, Hulk, Wolverine, Rogue, Iron Man, and Lockjaw. They have gone through several missions in alternate realities.


Uncanny Exiles

  • Iron Man: After Henry Pym's career as the heroic Ant-Man failed, he decided to return to science. However, he still wanted to help people so he began to build his own superhero, modeled after himself. He gave the "Iron Man" a copy of his brainwaves, as well as an array of weapons. When Iron Man was activated, he at first acted as Henry's assistant, to prove he was functional. After he passed that test, it was time for the field. Iron Man saved several people from a burning building, along with Captain America. Cap and another Avenger, Ms. Marvel, approached Henry, asking him if he would want Iron man to join the Avengers. He accepted and both of them went with, Henry acting as their overseeing eye. However, one day Avengers mansion was attacked by the Red Skull and Henry was killed. Iron Man swore to avenge his father, no matter what it took.
  • Ms. Fantastic: Sue's background is similar to her 616 counterpart. At first she was the Invisible Woman, a member of the Fantastic Four. However, when Doctor Doom got ahold of the Cosmic Cube, he used it to alter reality to make him the ruler of Earth. He killed Mister Fantastic, Thing, and Human Torch, leaving Sue alive to be his bride. But she refused and escaped. She formed the Avengers out of the remaining heroes, Iron Man, Black Widow, Daredevil, Goliath, and Northstar. She changed her name to Ms. Fantastic in honor of her family. She one day found Thor's hammer, Mjolnir and it told her that Thor was now a slave named Donald Blake. She was able to lift it and used it to free several of Doom's slaves, but Donald Blake was not among them.
  • Wolverine: Both Wolverine and Black Widow were members of Weapon X. But after his memories were wiped, Widow helped him escape and they formed a relationship. She helped him rebuild his life and become normal, but when Weapon X found them they went back into action. They were assisted by S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Phil Coulson, who later convinced them both to join S.H.I.E.L.D. They both joined the Special Forces Unit and became very high ranking. Both of them were members of the Avengers when Nick Fury assembled them to defeat Loki and his army of Chitauri. Once that threat was gone, Wolverine was given the assignment to infiltrate HYDRA and gain intel. Logan was hesitant to leave his fiance, but he accepted the mission.
  • Hulk: Bruce's history is similar to that of his 616 counterpart. However, his name is simply Bruce Banner, not Robert Bruce Banner. When Earth was attacked by Galactus, the Avengers battled him. Galactus was able to revert Hulk back into Bruce and kill him. During Hulk's absence, Galactus devoured the planet. However, several humans escaped in rockets. The Avengers managed to retrieve the Hulk before Galactus's victory. He awoke on one of the ships to learn that his mind was stuck within the Hulk's body. When Hulk asked Captain America what they would do now, he answered that they would become scavengers and hopefully find a new peaceful plane they can live on. Until then, Hulk, Captain America, and Spider-Man will lead the Avengers against any inter-galactic threat they face.
  • Rogue: Rogue's reality is somewhat of a mix between Earth-616 and Earth-11052. The X-Men are teenagers but have faced many of the same problems the mainstream X-Men have. Rogue is jealous of Jean's popularity, but deep down she knows she has a secret crush on Jean. But she was in a relationship with Gambit, who was nineteen. She did like Gambit, but she liked Jean more. Rogue struggled with her bisexuality, but Professor X helped her through it. She became depressed when Professor X was put into a coma by Magneto. During that time, Jean's powers went berserk and the only way to minimize the damage was for Rogue to absorb her powers. She got close enough and gave Jean mouth to mouth, but the contact lasted to long and their powers were switched permanently. Rogue was somehow given immunity to Jean's new powers, and they formed a close friendship after what Rogue did to save her.

Weapon X

  • Deadpool: In his home reality, the Weapon X Program was successful in murdering every hero in America and they divided up the territory on who would rule, somewhat like Old Man Logan.
  • Storm: Professor X never met her so she remained a thief for her whole life.
  • Thing: After the plane crash he gained fire powers, elasticity, and invisibility, all while being stuck in a rock body. The other three died and he went insane.
  • Black Widow: She remained a Russian Spy for her whole life. She eventually married Russia's President in order to gain power.
  • Scorpion: Mac Gargan was successful in killing Spider-Man during their first encounter, though it was purely out of a series of unfortunate events.
  • Beast: He was always hiding his secret insanity and was a double agent for Magneto within the X-Men.
  • Ragnarok: He was created by the Illuminati in order to defeat the rebels during the Civil War.
  • Iron Man: Mandarin did a spell that allowed him and Iron Man to switch bodies and he killed Tony, who was in his body. He then stole Tony's life.
  • Spider-Man: After defeating both Venom and Carnage, the Carnage symbiote bonded to Peter and took him over right away.
  • Elektra: She killed Daredevil when they first met.
  • Punisher: After his family died he went mad and became a mass murderer.
  • Superman: After Hyperion killed every single hero in his reality, he changed his name to Superman and fought all the crime.
  • Iron Fist: Not much background is given, but he murdered Luke Cage.
  • She-Hulk: She is a member of the Frightful Four.
  • Patriot: Captain America was brainwashed by HYDRA into joining.
  • Morbius: He became King of the Vampires after killing Blade.
  • Firestar: She was put in a Mutant Concentration Camp.
  • Iceman: He constantly takes MGH.
  • Maker: Reed Richards (Earth-1610)
  • Thanos: He blew up half of the Earth.
  • Red Hulk: Doc Samson and Bruce Banner got merged into one Hulk.

Mephisto's Exiles

  • Spider: Ben Reilly took over Peter Parker's life
  • Iron Man: Tony Stark's skeleton was bonded to his armor
  • Ms. Fantastic: Sue leads the New Fantastic Four
  • Wolverine: He is one of the top Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Hulk: Hulk and Banner were separated
  • Rogue: Rogue never absorbed Jean's powers
  • Lockjaw: He was raised by Sue since he was a puppy

Professor Xavier's Exiles

  • Professor X: He was the leader of the X-Men in Rogue's reality but he went insane.
  • Magneto: Erika Lehnsherr was born a female
  • Henry Pym: He became the second Hulk and maintained his intellect, but loses control very easily
  • Hawkeye: He is an Agent of HYDRA
  • Captain Marvel: She went insane and murdered the Avengers
  • Ghost Rider: Zarathos took full control of Johnny's body

All-Out War Exiles

  • Songbird: She never became Screaming Mimi and was an original Avenger
  • Beast: He is the leader of the Uncanny Avengers
  • Captain America: James Barnes became Cap after Steve Rogers' death
  • Deadpool: He joined the X-Men and became partners with Wolverine
  • Freon: She is the daughter of Iceman and Shadowcat
  • She-Hulk: She is the daughter of Hulk and Betty Ross
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