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Ascha'Vovina - better known by their nickname "Asura" - is one of a group of deific monsters created by the Dark God of War, whose name was erased from the Annals of the Divine after his treachery was exposed.

Eons ago, a group of spacefaring gods known as the Oiada had waged a war against a horde of draconic abominations they called the Vovina, which had sought to raze and devour all of existence. The Oiada had managed to drive the Vovina back at great cost, but fear that they would someday return and jealousy of their terrifying power motivated one of their members - worshipped as a god of war - to secretly turn on his brethren, who he saw as fools for spending their time meddling in the affairs of mortals. In secret, the god of war established a facility where he performed gruesome experiments - begrudgingly enlisting a mortal warrior to assist him in acquiring ingredients with the promise of bestowing the warrior with divine power.

To obtain the final ingredient, an eldritch mutagen known as the Umbral Ichor of Mahorela, the Dark God of War and his allies sparked a war between the human Holy Empire and the Unseelie Empire - a belligerent sect of elves whose ancestors had been imbued with Umbral Ichor. For their part in the calamity, the Dark God of War's mortal pawn was imprisoned, tortured for years, and publically executed - all information about them being expunged from the annals of history aside from vague references to an "Execrated Hero". At the moment before the Execrated Hero's death, the Dark God of War kept his promise and imbued them with a measure of divine power - enabling their soul to enter the Cycle of Reincarnation and eventually be reborn.

Two Parts of One Whole

The Dark God of War's experiments were eventually successful, giving rise to a small number of Oiad-Vovina hybrids. The Dark God of War and his allies launched a coup against the Ruling Pantheon of the Oiada, but were defeated, branded traitors, and cast into the molten depths of the Underworld alongside the Dark God of War's laboratory.

Milennia later, the Execrated Hero's soul was reincarnated into the body of Cyning - a human-dark elf hybrid. Cursed by the gods for an unintentional slight, Cyning attempted to rebel against them and at one point infiltrated the Celestial Realm and stole a suit of divine armour - which was corrupted by the Umbral Ichor in his blood. After numerous misadventures, Cyning was ultimately cast into the Underworld by the Ruling Pantheon for attempting to rebel against them, and while attempting to escape came across the ruins of the Dark God of War's laboratory. Cyning was attacked and killed by the Dark God of War, who sought to take his divine armour for himself, but the Execrated Hero's soul was drawn into one of the Oiad-Vovina hybrids. Killing the Dark God of War, they dubbed themselves "Ascha'Vovina" and escaped the Underworld intent on killing the gods and those who worshipped them.

Slave of the Gods

While Ascha'Vovina proved more than a match for mere mortals and even saints and heroic incarnations, they were easily captured by the Oiada and claimed as a pet by the new God of War. The only Oiad to treat Ascha'Vovina with a degree of compassion was the God of War's twin sister, though she too viewed them as a mere beast. Biding their time, Ascha'Vovina spent millennia laying waste to countless civilizations in the Oiada's campaign of intergalactic conquest - becoming feared as a divine beast and god of destruction. Ascha'Vovina was also frequently dispatched to fight against the Outer Gods and Great Old Ones, extradimensional horrors attempting to metastasize throughout the Multiverse.

Once they had grown powerful enough, Ascha'Vovina turned against the Oiada and tried to annihilate them - stealing a suit of divine armour. Ascha'Vovina managed to badly wound the God of War and laid waste to the Ruling Pantheon's capital, but was pulled through a dimensional aperture before they could completely destroy the Oiada.

Multiversal Misadventures

Finding the majority of their power had been sealed away by the mysterious entities that had abducted them, Ascha'Vovina wandered the Multiverse venting their rage over having their revenge stolen by fighting other giant monsters and continuing to lay waste to civilizations; with the ulterior motive of reattaining and surpassing the zenith of their power.

This attracted the attention of the Temporal Bureau of Investigation, a multiversal organization of time-travellers serving the Titan Cronus. Viewing Ascha'Vovina as a threat to causality, the T.B.I. captured and imprisoned them. The director of the T.B.I. eventually hit upon the idea of using Ascha'Vovina as a weapon against those who would disrupt causality, codenaming them "Asura" due to their resemblance to the malevolent gods of Hinduism and Buddhism. Ascha'Vovina was fitted with restraints to further limit their power and partnered with T.B.I. Agent Templeton, who treated them with disgust and hatred. Reminded of their time as a slave of the God of War, Ascha'Vovina vengefully bided their time until they were approached by members of a rogue T.B.I. cell, who offered to restore Ascha'Vovina's full power in exchange for their assistance. The T.B.I.'s restraints sabotaged, Ascha'Vovina broke free and rampaged making its way to the Australia of "Earth-222". After a prolonged battle against the T.B.I. and their allies, Ascha'Vovina was defeated when the entire continent of Australia was lifted into the stratosphere and dropped on its head.

Trapped under countless tons of rock, Ascha'Vovina lay dormant to recover from its injuries. Decades later, Ascha'Vovina was awakened by a corrupt mining operation, and destroyed it, disgusted by their use of slave labor. Before they could resume their rampage it was dragged through time to the Hadean Period, where the Execrated Hero's soul was ripped out of the Oiad-Vovina hybrid and banished to the Underworld. The Oiad-Vovina hybrid was impaled through the chest with an eldritch sword forged by the Great Old Ones, and buried deep in what would eons later become the glacier-capped mountains of Antarctica.

Powers and Abilities


Oiad/Vovina Hybrid Physiology: Ascha'Vovina was engineered as an artificial hybrid of Oiada and Vovina, and thus possesses the combined powers and abilities of both species. These abilities were augmented through exposure to the Umbral Ichor of Mahorela.

  • Superhuman Strength: Ascha'Vovina can lift in excess of 100 tons, and exposure to Umbral Ichor has augmented this to an unknown extent.
  • Superhuman Durability: Ascha'Vovina's scales are nigh-impenetrable to non-magical attacks, and only divine weapons or attacks imbued with divine energy can reliably injure it. Furthermore, exposure to Umbral Ichor has augmented this to an unknown extent. Despite this, it is not completely invulnerable and has been incapacitated and sealed away on numerous occasions.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Ascha'Vovina does not need sleep and can exert itself for periods in excess of 72 hours without tiring, and exposure to Umbral Ichor has augmented this to an unknown extent.
  • Superhuman Speed: Ascha'Vovina can run at speeds surpassing 200 mph, and can boost its speed to supersonic - if not hypersonic - levels. Exposure to Umbral Ichor has augmented this to an unknown extent.
  • Superhuman Agility and Reflexes: Ascha'Vovina can dodge and deflect point-blank gunfire, and exposure to Umbral Ichor has augmented this to an unknown extent.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Ascha'Vovina can recover from most injuries with rest, and even injuries as severe as severed limbs can be recovered from with enough time. This process can be accelerated by consuming food - in Ascha'Vovina's case the flesh of its opponents.
  • Divine Dragonfire Manipulation: Ascha'Vovina can generate and manipulate fiery energy, which was gold and red prior to its exposure to Umbral Ichor but was tainted black and red afterward. This energy can be used defensively - wreathing itself in an intense aura to nullify attacks or push away opponents, or offensively - wreathing Ascha'Vovina's claws and swords, or fired as projectiles. Ascha'Vovina's signature technique is "Void Astra", wherein it charges a sphere of divine dragonfire - usually inside its jaws - before expelling it as a torrent of destructive energy capable of levelling mountains.
  • Mutagenic Ichor: Due to its hybrid heritage, Ascha'Vovina's circulatory system contained a combination of the "argent ichor" possessed by the Oiada and the "sanguine ichor" possessed by the Vovina. Ascha'Vovina's ichor acts as a potent mutagen, provided one can withstand its molten heat and corrosive toxicity. Corruption by the Umbral Ichor turned the argent ichor black and increased its mutagenic potency.
  • Combat Empowerment: Ascha'Vovina grows incrementally stronger through combat and by causing death and destruction, akin to a video-game character earning experience points and levelling up.
  • Immortality: Ascha'Vovina's nature as an eldritch deity means that its physical body is little more than a manifestation of its spiritual essence. If its physical form were to be slain or even completely destroyed, it would eventually reconstitute itself - making it impossible to kill through conventional means. This does not prevent it from being incapacitated or sealed away.
  • Divine Slaying: Ascha'Vovina has the ability to injure and kill divine and otherwise immortal beings.
  • Shapeshifting: Ascha'Vovina is capable of transforming from a humanoid form into a colossal beast. Ascha'Vovina's fully humanoid form superficially resembles an androgynous human - but possesses matte black skin, pointed ears, metallic black fangs and claws, and eyes with black sclerae, red irises, and vertically slitted pupils; and stands roughly four feet tall. Its intermediary form - which it prefers using for intimidation purposes - possesses scales, osteoderms, tentacle-like arms, two-toed digitigrade feet, and a tail; and lacks lips and cheeks. Its divine beast form resembles a massive wingless dragon with six tentacle-like arms and six eyes.


  • Expert Combatant: Having been fighting for millions of years, Ascha'Vovina possesses a great deal of combat experience, though its go-to strategy is overwhelming its opponents with the full extent of its power.


  • Divine Energy and Weapons: While Ascha'Vovina is practically immune to most forms of damage due to its eldritch nature, it is particularly vulnerable to divine energy and weapons, and powerful magic can injure it as well.
  • Insatiable Bloodlust: Ascha'Vovina's rage and hatred towards the gods and mortals alike were exacerbated by its exposure to Umbral Ichor into an insatiable bloodlust. This - coupled with its predatory instincts - tends to make Ascha'Vovina reckless in combat and all-but incapable of forming alliances, as they sees everything other than themselves as prey.



  • Vovina Armour: While rebelling against the gods who had enslaved it, Ascha'Vovina stole a suit of armour from the Oiada. A fusion of advanced technology and divine magic, the armour was forged from a godly metal found only in the Celestial Realm and greatly amplifies and focuses the wearer's power. The armour interfaces with its wearer's spiritual essence and forcibly removing it is nigh-impossible, though it will deactivate if damaged beyond a certain extent or if its power supply is depleted. If deactivated, the armour will repair or recharge itself over time, but will be unusable until that process his completed.

Ascha'Vovina's armour was metamorphosed and blackened by its Umbral Ichor-tainted Vovina blood into a biomechanical Gigeresque exoskeleton studded with chitinous spines. Ascha'Vovina's abilities are greatly augmented while it is clad in this armour, and as such it continuously keeps it active in both its humanoid and beast forms.


  • Fangs and Claws: Ascha'Vovina's fangs and claws are razor sharp and can rend most substances with relative ease.
  • Divine Swords: In addition to his armour, Ascha'Vovina stole a pair of divine swords that were twisted into biomechanical Gigeresque blades. The first of Ascha'Vovina's swords is a double-edged straight-bladed greatsword; and the second is a single-edged blade resembling a massive khopesh. Ascha'Vovina can channel dark energy into these swords to increase the power of their attacks, or fire it in waves or blasts.


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