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Erm, ello, there. *holds up spork* The name is Blueberry01120 and I'm totes random— No, no, stop it! Now! *punches skrull imposter to death* Phew, glad that's over. Now, let me begin by introducing myself if you haven't taken the time to take a look over at the infobox. My pseud around these parts is Blueberry01120, and you may know me from elsewhere, and if you do, eh, nice meeting again. If you don't, I'm nobody really, just a person who likes sharing the information in their head and the other strange things that sometimes turn into hundreds of thousands of words of fanfiction, but hey, I'm not implying that I have done something like that or anything. Really, I'm completely sane and I don't have really strange interests. Really, I swear. *Brings up skrull goo covered hand and sniffs it. [it smells like bacon]*
Whoa, whoa, what are we doing here again. Oh yeah, I'm supposed to be introducing myself or something like that, totally not thinking about cooking this corpse of my skrull imposter or anything. boythisgotdarkfast Um, I'll wrap this up now before things get any weirder, not that they're weird or anything. Heh.

Selected Favorite Characters

(reasons in italics)
Bruce Banner (Earth-616): Hulk, 'nuff said. Rick Jones should thank him for saving him, and he should thank Rick for making him the strongest being in the multiverse (DM;Hulk)
Tony Stark: Doesn't give a fuark
Magneto: He's the best villain with the best intentions really. I've always rooted for him ("go, MAGNETO!")
America Chavez (Earth-616): She's a strong character who utilizes her powers awesome-ly.
Victor von Doom (Earth-616): Have you heard his quotes ( )? He's crazy and great at it (ha, one thing he's better at being than Reed [ohhhhhhh])!
Thanos (Earth-616): This guy is just... mad (ba dum tish)
Natasha Romanoff (Earth-616): She's a Black Widow!
Odin Borson (Earth-616): He's the All-father and makes sure you know it (That father-son beatdown in Fear Itself, 'nuff said)
Wade Wilson (Earth-616): This dude is crazy and knows it, and I love it!
Loki Laufeyson (Earth-616): His scheming and daddy issues are hilarious!


High Intellect, Fast Reflexes, Heightened Senses (Hearing Perception, Hearing, Taste, Smell), Endurance

Strength level

Mathematics, Physics, Science, English


Insanity, Instability, Lack of Motivation, Apathy



Might find me around the web if you go a-searchin'!

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