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Real Name
Matthew Richard Carter
Current Alias

MC, Captain, Team Leader, Blaster, AerosmithFan6413, Phil Schiffley



Phillip Carter (father), Renee Carter (mother), Jennifer Dillard (half-sister), Callie Dillard (niece), Marion Connors (genetic replicate), Mannox Clearwater (genetic replicate)


Base Of Operations



200 lbs.



Unusual Features


Marital Status

Vigilante, Adventurer

Degree from Jefferson University

Used as a lab rat for Derek Ryker's power-man experiments.

Place of Birth
Actersville, North Catawba

Matthew Higgins

First appearance


  • Enhanced Strength: Carter's physical strength is enhanced to the very peak of human potential. As a result, he is as physically strong as a human being can be without being classified as superhuman, capable of lifting over 500kg/1000lbs.
  • Enhanced Speed: Matt can run and move at speeds that are superior to the finest Olympic athlete. He has demonstrated that he can run at speeds of up to approximately 30 miles per hour (48 kilometers per hour), and could probably run a mile in little over a minute when under duress (which would roughly be a little less than 100 kilometers an hour/60 miles per hour).
  • Enhanced Stamina: Carter's body eliminates the excessive build-up of fatigue-producing chemicals in his muscles, granting him exceptional endurance and lung capacity. He can exert himself at peak capacity for an hour and a half without rest and before showing any signs of fatigue.
  • Enhanced Senses: Matt's senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch are at the highest possible limits of human potential.
  • Enhanced Agility: His agility is greater than that of an Olympic gold medalist. He can coordinate his body with balance, flexibility, and dexterity. He also has the ability to leap 50 yards out in a single bound and 6 meter/20 ft into the air without a running start.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Carter's reflexes allow him to react very quickly in close quarter combat.
  • Enhanced Durability: His bones and muscles are denser and harder than normal, to the highest human potential, which makes him very durable compared to a normal human.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Carter possesses a superhuman healing factor derived from a mutant gene created by Derek Ryker that allows him to regenerate damaged or destroyed bodily tissue with far greater speed and efficiency than an ordinary human. He is able to heal from injuries such as slashes, puncture wounds, bullet wounds, beheading, and severe burns within moments.
  • Foreign Chemical Resistance: Blast's body is highly resistant to most drugs and toxins. For example, it is extremely difficult, though not impossible, for him to become intoxicated.
  • Immortality: Blast's healing factor provides him with an extended lifespan by slowing the effects of the aging process to an unknown degree.


  • Expert Combatant: Matt is shown an expert in hand-to-hand combat. He was able to hold his own against Dan Masters, a professional assassin.
  • Expert Marksman: Matt is shown to be well-versed in the use of firearms, from all over the world.
  • Expert Pilot: He is an accomplished aircraft and starship pilot.


  • Jet Boot Attachments: Carter has jets that he attaches and rotates onto his boots to make jet boots, which allows for an increase in forward movement.


  • 1969 Pontiac GTO
  • Orange County Choppers 10th Anniversary


  • Dual Wield Automatic 9mms (Tanfoglio TA90)
  • Sawed-off Shotgun (12 Gauge Coach Gun)
  • Assault Shotgun (Armsel Striker)
  • Thermite Bombs

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