Real Name
Current Alias

Web Head, Spidey, Pete,


Avengers Earth-8-3-10-15, Daily Bugle









Marital Status

Photographer, part time secretary, former wrestler, former TV star

High school (currently)

Place of Birth
New York

Hunter Candelaria

First appearance

Peter B. Parker is a high school student who instead of gain powers from a radioactive spider, he doesn't gain any at all. In this version Aunt May is the one whom Peter loses and Uncle Ben has taut Peter to stand up for himself when times get tough. Because of Uncle Ben's non-death the Parker family is as poor as previous stories tell. Also Uncle Ben is there Peter was encouraged to get a job, which for image he works at the Daily Bugle as J. Johna Jameson photographer and sometimes Betty Brant's secretary. But a similar factor in this story that is similar to other stories is Peter was still an outcast and was a major in science. Now as the title goes Peter does have powers. But he does become the hero Spider-Man. He becomes this out of different gadgets and "mind tricks." Peter had went to Quint Beck (designed as a hobo) to get win money at a TV special called "Freaks are Cool". So Beck gives Peter the "magic gear" Beck used as a magician on broad way, and after the special effects of climbing walls, dodging a bullet, and having strength 2x his size Peter was made into a star. Peter then got together with Beck to continue the act Peter brought Beck to create devices that he could then "shoot a web". And the next time he went on the show Peter did all some old tricks and new ones with his new web-shooters. Then he was given the nickname by the audience "The Man who acts like a Spider" and Peter shouted out "Spider-Man." Then out of success Peter for got about Beck an later moved on. Then while at the Daily Bugle Peter had herd a conversation between J. Johna Jameson and the other staff about Spider-Man acted like a comic hero. So Peter told the TV produces (as Spider-Man) to show Spider-Man going around New York as a superhero. So for a few weeks Spider-Man was being filmed being a real-life hero going around saving people. But then while Peter was walking home Peter saw a man being mugged and Peter quickly put his mask on and saved the civilian. So then Peter from there had realized he shouldn't do his superhero(ness) for publicity but for the real deal, so he made a dedicated promise for himself saying "Although the power I don't have, this what I'll say though "With Great Power comes Great Responsibility." So the next day Spider-Man quite the TV business and became the hero we all know.



Strength level

Normal teenager strength level (Gets stronger over time)


Normal teenager weaknesses


, Motion Senor (the Spider Sensor), Exoskeleton, Talons


Web-Shooters (as Spider-Man), Car (As Peter Parker)


No real weapons, but Spidey's web-shooters are used at times to heart villains/enemies

  • In this Universe aunt may was the one Peter fatiguely lost and Uncle Ben is the one raising Peter.
  • Peter was infact bitten by a radioactive spider, but he wasn't given spider-like abilities. But was passed out into a coma.
  • Quentin Beck was the one who gave Peter his "magic tricks."
  • Spider-Man villains in this universe, they aren't driven by choice. Most are forced to (counting Venom where he just follows orders by the suit because he thinks the suit knows best. And Carnage is being controlled competently. Mysterio is the only one with control)

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