Real Name
Daniel Kei Yahimoto
Current Alias

Paragon, Darkness Destroyer, Traitor, Dark Sorcerer, The Light of Darkness, Sorcerer Supreme


Acolytes, formerly Dark Order, Ultimatum (Leader), White Force, Herald of Galactus, Yahimoto Corporation and Estates (CEO, owner)

Suragi Yahimoto (grandfather; deceased);

Kira Yahimoto (father; deceased); Natasha Rayheart (mother; deceased); Arnold Keyhold (adoptive father); Jubilee Keyhold (adoptive mother); Natalie Yahimoto (twin sister); Mark Yahimoto (brother; deceased);

Elizabeth Keyhold (adoptive sister);


Base Of Operations
New York City, Washington, Tokyo, Fujishima, Toronto



140 lbs


Unusual Features
Scar on his back


Marital Status

formerly Prostitute, Student, Leader, Sorcerer, Farmer, Demon Hunter, Employee, Musician

Current student of Stanford University with the course of Architecture


Place of Birth
Fujishima, Japan


First appearance



Daniel Kei Yahimoto is the son of a top business man in Japan, Kira Yahimoto and an international singer and pianist, Natasha Rayheart. When Daniel turns 5 years old boy, before his family was massacred by John Stepherd's sindicate(his mother ex-boyfriend and main rival and competitor of his father in the business world) he was rich, smart and talented along with her twin sister Natalie Yahimoto. Three years later, his family have an additional member a young healthy baby boy was born and named him Mark Yahimoto, but suddenly a rain of metal bullets burst on the windows, once the family was captured by the armed-men and revealed that they are working for John Stepherd to kill the Yahimoto Clan. They torture the parents while sitting at in front of them are their children, the baby is unable to stop crying that makes the kidnappers to kill the baby in front of the entire family. The kidnappers inhuman tortured his parents and shoot them in the head.The twins are sent to the safe-house of John Stepherd, Stepherd force Daniel to sign the contract, a contract will declare that all the riches of the Yahimito Clan will be his own. Stepherd points the gun to the head of Natalie and kill her if he did not signed the contract, which he leads him to no choice but to sign the contract. Then when they sent away to an empty factory Daniel fights and run with her sister where he broke his right arm.

Six years later, he later have a deal with a sister of an orphanage in Tokyo so that they could take good care of Natalie and give her to a rich and descent family and not to tell her for the rest of her life by giving his golden necklace. Daniel has no other choice because the lack of money and poverty. Natalie was angry and start to hated him, and Daniel told her painful lies so that she could go with the sister. Three months later, he found out that her sister was adopted by a rich American family which makes him happy while he is suffering from a miserable life. He start being a prostitute as a sex slave for ladies and even for guys to earn money even he don't like it. He start to being a deity hater because the gods let him suffer in a tragic way.

Joining the Dark Oath and the Born of Paragon

When he tried to suicide, a fog came out from nowhere and a man showed up and introduced himself as Paimon the Sorcerer, he gave him an option to join his group and he will teach him to take revenge on those people who crossed your line by sorcery and Daniel don't think second thought and join him. Paimon trained him with dark magic, martial arts an swords art where he easily mastered. He helped


Dark Magic (formerly)- He was teach to use dark magic by Dark Lord Paimon, who is responsible for the death of his parents.

               -Dark Spells- when his mutant powers is still not awaken, he used spells to fight. 

Darkness Manipulation- His main mutant power without the aid of the dark magic that was given to him.

               -Elemental Healing- he is using the darkness to mend/fill the wounds of others.
               -Shadow Camouflage- by letting the difference/border between the user and shadow unravel. Cloaking is done by doing the same for something else than the user.
               -Invulnerability- by solidifying the darkness in his body.
               -Psionic Shield- "solidifying" the darkness in the mind/soul.
               -Create areas of darkness of variable size, shape and intensity level.
               -Night Vision
               -Materialize- shape and manipulate darkness at will:
                                       -Animating shadows, whether users own or cast by anything else.
                                       -Elemental Constructs of darkness, including weapons, missiles, walls, or armor.
                                       -Binding/imprisoning/stopping people/objects  either by engulfing or binding them.
               -Teleport- can teleport in any places that he desire.
               -Golem Creation- he can create servants out of darkness.
               -Black Hole Creator- he can create black hole where he can trap his enemies or use it to travel in time and space. 
               -Dark Flame-  by tapping the devouring/destroying aspect of Darkness.
               -Dark Energy Blast- a dark aura surrounding in his hands allowing him to release energy blasts.

Black Lighting Manipulation- he can summon black lightning from his hands either through the skies or a portal.

Telepathy- He can read and to talk through the use of mind.

              -Illusion- he can trick and manipulate minds of his enemies to make them his slaves.

Telekinesis-He can control anything at a subatomic level.

Shape-shifting- he can shift his physical body to turn him self to someone else, though if he shift to a person who have powers he cannot have the person's power.

Cosmic Powers-given by Galactus as he serve him as his Heralds.

               -Interdimensional & Intradimensional Portals                
               -Cosmic Teleportation
               -Cosmic Force Fields
               -Cosmic Energy Projection
               -Cosmic Telepathy


Besides his mastery in sorcery, he also mastered martial arts and sword arts combats.

Genius-level Intellect- A mastermind, Paragon as one of the smartest students of Stanford he can apply his genius in his battles.

Excellent Strategist- Paragon is an excellent strategist, tactician, and skilled leader.

Multilingual- Daniel knows how to speak English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Latin, Greek, and German.

Music- Daniel develops in playing the piano, violin, guitar, harmonica, and flute, because of the influence of her mother.

Strength level

When Daniel converted from Atheist to Christian, by praying to God and trusting Him gives him strength.


Daniel's main weakness is her twin sister, he can't do any moves when her sister is threatened or in danger. Besides her sister, his another weakness is being exposed by his powers which leads him to a coma for weeks and months.


A necklace gave by his sister when they are 12 years old and considering it as his lucky charm.


Paragon usually flies or teleport himself or commuting to the place he want to go.


When Paragon is still under the Dark Order and acting as the bad guy he always use a staff for his spells. But when his dark magic was gone and replaced by his mutant powers he start using sword (or gun) came from his hands through his powers.



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