The HellRazor II

Real Name
Damien Crawford Jr.
Current Alias
"HellRazor", "Crawford", "Jack Simmons"(SyMar alias)


Hell Force

Damien Crawford Sr(Father, Deceased), Glory(Mother, Deceased), William Crawford (Grandfather, Deceased), Mary rose Crawford(Grandmother, Deceased), Brad Baxter/The Savage(close friend), Kurtis (Father figure, Mentor), Alex "Meyhem"(Fathers close friend, Adopted Uncle)


Base Of Operations
Heaven, SyMar





Unusual Features
None to note


Marital Status

Musician on planet SyMar

No earth education

Inherited powers from his parents, who were active rebels in the fight against the apocalypse. Damien Jr is now taking the place of his deceased father, and mother as the new "HellRazor" or in other words the right hand of god so to speak.

Place of Birth
Heaven, near the gates of St.Peter

Bill K.


  • Flame Manipulation: The powers of Damien Jr. come from his father who was at on time hells bounty hunter, and a personal servant of the devil himself. His mother also had powers due to being a hybrid of and angle and a demon. Together through heredity Damien has dominant traits from both parents and is genetically superior to both his mother and father. This means he has inherited all of his parents powers, but they are more powerful due to the gene pool he was breed into. His main power is the ability to control, bend an manipulate fire as he sees fit. he can make objects out of fire and use them to help him advance over obstacles. Objects he can make are ladders, steps and basic object shapes. He also can throw solid fire balls which are burning solid objects, and fire puffs which can set other objects on fire.
  • Adrenal System: His brain is able to write and process information at an accelerated rate allowing him to learn things very quickly. For example in the span of three weeks he became an expert marksman, computer hacker and a skilled boxer.
  • Accelerated Healing: The healing process of his body is greatly accelerated allowing him to regnerate from nearly any injury within minutes.


  • Exceptional Marksman
  • Skilled Combatant

    Strength level

Damien Jr possesses super strength that far exceeds his fathers. This is due not only because of his Superior training but the fact that both parents possessed. This is explained because when he was born the genes he received were the best of them both. In his case he was breed to be a killing machine.


Depending on how active his adrenaline is at the moment of, extreme cold/ and or water can severely hinder most all of his fire manipulation powers.


By no means was either one of the "HellRazors" were mechanical wizards, but with a little help from their friends both made use of any available technology that they could to aid them in their struggle against the Apocalypse.First Damien Jr. inherits his fathers old battle suit(Fathers suit is insufficient to handle SyMar's many hazards), but he is made an entirely new suit complete with advanced technology that is more highly advanced than even his fathers was. Thick bullet resistant, body plated armor, complete with Steel alloy gantlets that can resist and deflect hazards. gauntlets also contain a knife on each side that can be throw or used to cut hazards. com-link systems inside helmet allow for easy communication, pouches filled with gadgets, weapons and can be used for storage. Two modified 45 ca. hand guns/ with steel alloy holsters (once belonged to his father), Also modified sawed off shotgun. lastly a wing/glider pack that allows for limited flight and/or assisted gliding.


He can travel with limited flight, and above average speed. Also inherits fathers motorcycle which contained many modifications (a.k.a The Hell Cycle)


Damien Jr. like his father knows his way around a fire arm, and is by no means afraid to use them. The pistols he carries once belonged to his father and contain advanced modifications done by his father. Things to make tasks such as reloading easier, more power and special bullet adapters, which can allow it to fire homemade bullets or special ammo. The sawed off shotgun he carries is a weapon created by the savage and Clyde dusk. This special weapon can not only decapitate and dismember enemy's, but it is powerful enough to knock away objects and break down obstacles and barriers. Damien also carries a collections of knifes and his fathers sword which is seemingly indestructible and contains modifications done by Damien Jr. to improve its effectiveness.

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