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Hi guys JMJ363 here i am brand spanking new to this wiki and i decided to help out due to countless spelling mistakes spotted and i hope i can do this wiki well! PS: Im from the UK so i wont be able to update new comics

Top 5 Super-Heros


1.Peter Parker (Earth-616)= SPIDER-MAN

Everybody loves the wall-crawler exept from his coutless enemies obviously and his wisecracks and relation to the reader makes him by far my favorite!

2. Scott Summers (Earth-616) = CYCLOPS

Something about Cyke has always intrested me his relationship with Jean Grey (Earth-616) was pure gold but its weird that now shes dead hes with the devious Emma Frost (Earth-616)

3. Anthony Stark (Earth-616) = IRON MAN

I always liked the idea of a man in a big suit made of metal shooting enemies through lasers in his hands and I cant wait for the debut of his new armour!

4. Jonathan Storm (Earth-616) = THE HUMAN TORCH

I think the human torch is plain cool he has his funny moments where he is cocky and funny but he can have really touching emotional moments

5. Warren Worthington III (Earth-616) = ANGEL

I really thing angel is intresting with a rich boy who has wings and his father rejected him.


1. Sara Ehret (Earth-616) = JACKPOT

I think Jackpots whole story has been interesting from the thing with Alana Jobson (Earth-616) I think we have the making of the next big super-heroine!

2. Susan Richards (Earth-616) = INVISIBLE WOMAN

Invisible Woman's story has been very interesting as she started out as a timid little a girl and now she has grown into a woman with all aspects of a super hero. She is by far an amazing wife, mother and heroine!

3. Jean Grey (Earth-616) = PHOENIX

I think Jean shouldn't have been killed again she is a true X-Man and I hope she makes a return soon!

4. Jennifer Walters (Earth-616) = SHE-HULK

I dont know a lot about she hulk and its funny how she started out just a female version of Hulk but now she is a complete individual hero!

5. Jessica Drew (Earth-616) = SPIDER-WOMAN

I think spider-woman is a great and interesting character she just started out as a female version of Spider-Man but since she became a New Avenger she is a new woman and the Ultimate version is great!

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