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My name is Jamie Hari and in case you didn't know I am the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Marvel Database Project (aka MDP) and DC Database Project (aka DCDP).

Please don't hesitate to drop me an email and say hello. All suggestions regarding how we can make the Database better are always welcome! I encourage you to check out our forums to see what is new!

See you around,

Jamie Hari
Marvel & DC Database Projects

About Me


Real Name: Jamie L Hari
Nicknames: No known nicknames
Former Aliases: No known former aliases


Occupation: Product Specialist
Legal Status: Dual Canadian/Spanish citizen with some outstanding parking tickets.
Identity: Publicly known to be the webmaster of this site.
Marital Status: Committed
Group Affiliation: Leading software company which shall remain nameless.
Base of Operations: Ontario, Canada


Place of Birth: Brantford, Ontario
Known Relatives: Mom, Dad, Step-Mom, Half-Sister, Half-Brother, Girlfriend
First Appearance: November 22nd, 1982
Origin: Origin unknown.


Born and raised in Brantford, Ontario until the age of 19, when he moved out on his own to pursue a career in Kitchener. He then lived in Toronto for some time. Then, with some college and university under his belt, he obtained a position working for a large multi-national insurance company in the Technology department providing 1st and 2nd level support for their salesforce.

Jamie is currently pursuing his Bachelor's Degree in computer science from the University of Waterloo. To pay the bills, he works for an ECM software company , working very closely with content management systems not unlike MediaWiki.


Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175 lbs (80 kg)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Unusual Features: No unusual features (My mom says I am handsome...)


Strength Level: Jamie possesses the strength of a man his height and weight who engages in little regular exercise.

Known Powers: No known powers.
Known Abilities: Some programming skill with C#, Java, Javascript, HTML, PHP and MySQL. Has experience administrating Windows, Solaris and Linux servers. As well, familiar with MS Exchange, MS SQL, IIS, Oracle, Apache, Tomcat application servers. Fluent in 3 languages (English, French and Spanish), some small skill with others (Portuguese, German, Russian, Chinese (Mandarin))


Equipment: 4 computers, 2 guitars, 1 piano, 1 keyboard, 2 turntables and a microphone.
Transportation: 2007 Saturn Ion.
Weapons: No known weapons.


  • Jamie owns a web-hosting company, which previously provided the webspace and bandwidth for the Marvel and DC Database Projects.

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To Do List

Highest Priority

  • Minor Character, Race, and Reality Template easy-buttons
  • Make editing simpler again. (MultiEdit Extension?)
  • Revamp image tags
  • Allow entering the image template during upload, NOT after upload is complete.

High Priority

  • Make some help/advice pages
  • Replace front page todos with 'weekly poll' & 'today in comics'.
  • Modify Comic Galleries to use bigger thumbnails.
  • UseLang solution for uploads...
  • This could come in handy!
  • User:Jamie Test works, but Special:MyPage Test does not.
    • If Special:MyPage worked as expected, we could have an 'add to favourites' or an 'add to wishlist' button. :)
  • Install a tooltip extension to help with options on templates.
  • Do something with this for MDP and DCDP.
  • Image templates as found here.
  • Interwiki Link to (Marvel:foo)
  • YouTube throughout!
  • Marvel Online!
  • Fix for DPL problem.
  • Them and us.
  • I know I can do the Template:Category page better...
  • Do this and this.
  • MediaWiki:Edittools (develop this out further, especially for es/nl/hu/fi wikis)
    • Add also 'help tips', such as M1shawhan's idea about naming conventions...
    • Maybe use 'pop-up' windows like we use on Mari's site?
  • ah crap.
  • Add FAQs to each template, especially the comic and character templates.
    • This will allow us to point new users to answers without having to explicitly write it on their user talk pages each time. :)
  • Fix this for Matt.
  • Add 'ifexist' logic to the User Bar. How are newbies supposed to know how create their own blog feed?
    • If the page exists, it should take them to it... If it doesn't exist, it should take them to a place where they hit a button to create it for them!
    • Should work for blog / favourites / wishlist / collection / etc.
  • Lock 'moves' down to admins only. MDP and DCDP, both.
  • Look at the changes to MediaWiki:Common.css from the DCDP.
  • Change stubs to templates; left off at Aggamon
  • Create 366 'day' pages (ie. January 1) which can be dynamically fed to a 'today in comics' section.
    • Use a template to automate functionality and structure formatting.
  • Shorten (tighten) licensing dropdown list for uploads
    • Finish Image License Tags (make them all uniform looking and finish the ones that don't exist)
      • How come that didn't change? Is Wikia caching it somehow?
    • Marvel Database:Image_Tags - Fix this to reflect the new dropdown box!
  • Create a 'database project customizations' page which will maintain a list of things we implement so we can find them more easily when creating a new version of the database. (Image, Dark Horse, French, Italian, etc)
  • Implement {{DEFAULTSORT:New Key}} for all templates, as necessary. (Comic template for sure)
  • Enable subpages on Main namespace??? [1]
  • Lovely... now I need to clean this and this up too!
  • Create a 'reserve article' task. (MW 1.10 has a timed page protection feature.)
  • New Feature: Track my comics, something similar to stashmycomics.
    • For comic collections, find a way to implement adding runs by specifying endpoints of the run. (eg. X-Men 3 - X-Men 45)
  • Create a template to place in character profiles that links automagically to the strength scale...
    • Make templates for Force Scale, Distance Scale and Height Scale, too. ;)
  • Organize this stuff: Category:Miscellaneous
  • Marvel Database:Tutorials
  • Make a 'battle' section (votes)
  • I think CCat changed this page. Fix it on DCDP.
  • Here is a great idea for appearances. A collapsing list!
  • Create a privacy policy for us and DCDP.
  • How should I deal with this? nl:Sjabloon:Afbeeldingen_Sectie
  • Add these: [2] & [3]
  • Template:CategoryTOC
  • Create an alternate-reality reverse-lookup page. (Mangaverse <-> Earth-2301, etc)
  • What to do about non-canon stuff (G.I. Joe)
  • Example of a perfect article!!! (Make 'examples' out of them. :)
  • Check integrity of character and comic templates between mdp-en, mdp-nl and dcdp-en.
  • Implement comic template auto-spoiler on dcdp.
  • A 'submit' form that uses the actionCreate functionality, seemingly already available. (Can we extend this further to include an 'template options dropdown'?)
  • Create new dynamic task-lists such as 'if Eyes = empty, add to Category:Eyes unknown'
  • Extend <randomimage> extension to allow for category=Storm, to limit the random images to a given category. Useful for a 'slideshow' effect on character templates. (Could be done by smooth-gallery extension above?)
    • This could be done by the volunteer dev team.

Low Priority

Finished But Not Out of Scope

  • Email Wikia to get interwiki (:fi:Etusivu, etc) working on all databases.
  • 'Sexy' log-in message inviting users to register an account (a la comicvine) - taken care of with new skin?
  • What is with these two profiles? When did we start adding boxes around the images?
  • Some how turn this into a 'hero-box'? w00t!
  • TAKE IMAGE DATABASE OFFLINE FOR GOOD. (move 11 images to MDP English) - An accidental DNS change took care of this for me. :)
  • Add "Current Codename" or similar to the Character Template to prepare for the upcoming name changes...
  • Category:Religion - Pandora's box
  • Make M1shawhan a staff member
  • Interwiki links broken. See #4 - looks fixed to me... ??
  • * Add flags to international version links on main page. (Get them from the same place as the blue i (silk)
  • Clean up this nonsense and convert any pages linking to the old templates.
  • Add 'Category Magic' section to the template notes.
  • Add Team template to NL:MDP and EN:DCDP
  • Add "ifpageexists" logic to a {Marvel Staff} template which will automagically link to {PAGENAME}/Writer, etc. This will allow us to just add the template and let it handle if the person is an inker, an editor, or both...
  • [[8]] or News?
  • Create a new namespace (Comics) so we can eliminate the word 'comic' from titles of comic lists. This will allow us to specifically search the namespace, as well.
  • MDP: Bald, DCDP: Bald Characters. (Fix this)
  • Create this for CleverGuy.
  • Navigation template from Wikipedia is amazing. Implement it. Twice. Just for fun.
  • Automagic spoiler alerts at the top of current/up-coming comic articles.
    • logic based on 'if comicDate() >= today(), then displayAlert()' or something similar
  • Increase cast variables to 250. [12]
  • Continue work on a new skin for MDP/DCDP. - New skin coming soon... adapt it to our needs once it arrives.
  • Look at mass export/import of images to new images database
  • Cat Count Script

  • New Feature: Dynamic Category extension from Wikia NY will allow for creation of 'personal dashboards'.
    • Could maybe be extended to include things like Database Talk, User Talk, recent changes?
  • Create a User Template, based on the character template for User:Roygbiv666. :)
  • Race Template for Pete.
  • Disambig thumbnail template. {{thumbnav|Beast (Earth-616)}} would produce a thumbnail which links to his article, his gallery, his quotes, his appearances, etc... for use on the disambig pages!
  • Handle: Eyes, Eyes2, EyesText, Height, Height2, HeightText, Hair, Hair2, Citizenship, Citizenship2, CitizenshipText, etc in the character template.
  • Feature Request for MediaWiki to 'hide/show' categories at the bottom of pages. (logged as Bug 11176)
  • Abstract the Glossary: entries into a template which should be transcluded onto the page, instead of directly entering it.
  • For Brian!


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