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Hello, my name is Colin, I'm a FANDOM user, I joined back in October, and I am an extremely active user, FANDOM is one of the greatest parts of my day, and I love to interact with other users, I plan to stay on FANDOM for a while, it's so fun to use, and it helps keep me happy during the gloomy time of the virus, I am active on numerous wikis, my birthday is in November, I'm not comfortable saying my exact age, my favorite wiki is the The Simpsons, I am active there everyday, I am much of a DC and Marvel fan, I enjoy multiple comics! I also like TV shows such as the Simpsons, Don't Hug me I'm Scared (I have special rights on both of those wikis), and the Marvel wikis, I am active at the MCU wiki.


Wikis I Have Rights On