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(X-Men: Evolution) List of Legions Personas

Legion (also called David Haller) Has 3 personas (alter egos of himself/personality split) in this particular television series:

David: Considered the "true" personality, demonstrated no visible mutant powers at all.
Lucas: A scottish goth/punk named Lucas that possesses telepathic and telekinetic powers.
Ian: A young mute boy who can create fire (Pyrokinesis).

Professor Xavier were tricked into locking David's other personalities away by Lucas so that Lucas were the only one left, leaving Lucas free to be himself. it was never explained what Lucas's goals were after this. the show was canceled before his storyline could be further explored.

Legion TV Seires

Safe Characters

  • Poole (psychiatrist from before Clockwork)
All members of Division 3:
  • David Selby
  • the Interrogator
  • the Eye

Might be Safe characters

  • Amy Haller
  • Amy Haller's boyfriend
  • Melanie Bird
  • Oliver Bird
  • Cary Loudermilk
  • Kerry Loudermilk

Characters that might be from the comics ('if' they aren't Personalities of David)

  • Devil with the Yellow Eyes: Shadow King, Mojo,
  • Melanie Bird: Healer?: Stephanie Lindquist (has an ex-husband named Chuck), Saint Anna (Anna), Zsaji, Claire Voyant, Psychologists: Valerie Cooper, Scarlett McKenzie, Karla Sofen, Cassandra Briar.
  • Rudy (Telekinetic guy) at the end of episode 1 and 5: Stryfe,
  • Walter (The Eye): Cannibalism? Jason Stryker, A tracking mutant, (A male Sinclair like) Craig Sinclair (father of Wolfsbane), Tier Sinclair (son of Wolfsbane),

Power Similarities to comic book characters

  • Ptonomy Wallace | Rachel Summers
  • Cary/Kerry Loudermilk | Multiple Man
  • Oliver Bird | Charles Xavier
  • Rudy (Telekinetic guy) | Stryfe
  • Walter (The Eye) | Wendigo
  • Melanie Bird (Psychologists) | Zsaji

'Possible' Personalities of David

  • Ptonomy Wallace
All members of Clockwork
  • Sydney "Syd" Barrett:
  • Shrub Guy
  • Lenny "Cornflakes" Busker
  • Dennis Kissinger
  • 15 people dancing in dream (not counting David, Sid and Shrub Guy).

Favorite random Quotes

Favorite Characters

  • 1. Clea
  • 2. Hope Summers
  • 3. Doctor Strange
  • 4. Shatterstar
  • 5. Eternity
  • 6. Cable
  • 7. X-23
  • 8. Mary Jane
  • 9. Baron Mordo
  • 10. Moon Knight
  • Callisto... I lead the X-Men. The challenge, the duel - your life - are mine!-Ororo Munroe (Earth-616)
  • The Shadow King knows. He can see right into my heart. Because while I may risk killing Cyclops, I would rather kill myself than harm T'Challa. And that is why I have already lost.-Ororo Munroe (Earth-616)
  • I am a woman, a mutant, a thief, an X-Men, a lover, a wife, a queen. I am all these things. I am Storm, and for me, there are no such things as limits.-Ororo Munroe (Earth-616)
  • You spoke once of power. Little man, you do not know the meaning of the word!-Ororo Munroe (Earth-616)
  • I've been a thief, a goddess, and X-Man, and a queen. And yet, I somehow, I always end up in a sewer under New York City.-Ororo Munroe (Earth-616)
  • Uh, would somebody mind explaining to us newbies who Wolverine actually is so that we can all pee our pants too?-Ororo Munroe (Earth-1610)
  • Can't breathe. Can't... breathe! Get me out of here! Get... me...-Ororo Munroe (Earth-1298)

Love Interests of Storm/Windrider (relationships)

Remy LeBeau (Earth-371)/Remy LeBeau(Earth-94831)->(Source:Ororo Munroe (Earth-94831)) (Gambit)

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