My name is Luigi Novi, and I'm an artist, writer and photographer from Union City, NJ.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, I studied media arts (specifically sequential art) under teachers such as Sal Amendola, Carmine Infantino, Joe Orlando, Klaus Janson and Walter Simonson. I also studied caricature under Sam Viviano, who is now the Art Director at Mad magazine.

Although my published credits are currently in the formative stage, I wrote the two-page, all-text recap of the first 19 issues of Jay Faerber's Dynamo 5, which appeared in Dynamo #0 (February 2009). I also wrote and illustrated the one-page Slingshot sequence that appeared in Dynamo 5 #23 (August 2009).

I've also been editing Wikipedia since March 2005, and been an administrator there since November 2007, concentrating on a number of different subject areas, such as entertainment (with emphasis on movies, television, and reality television in particular), scientific skepticism, Hudson County, New Jersey, and of course, comics. To date, I've accumulated over 37,000 edits, and my photographs illustrate the articles of hundreds of people, from Richard Dreyfuss to Linda Hamilton, as well as countless comics creators, such as Peter David, Dan Slott, Joe Sinnott, Neal Adams, Walter Simonson, Joe Kubert, Brian Michael Bendis, Paul Levitz, Joe Quesada, Joe Madureira, etc. All of these photos can be found at Wikimedia Commons, where I uploaded them under the Attribution 3.0 license, which means anyone can use them or modify them for FREE, as long as you attribute the photos (that is, visibly credit them) to me, in each instance in which they are used.

You can converse with me on any number of topics (politics, current events, movies, comics, etc.) at, the website of writer Phil Farrand.

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