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Nathan Fey
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145 lbs



Unusual Features
Wiccan symbols down his back


Marital Status

Student, Adventurer

High School Degree


Place of Birth
Marseilles, France

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Nathan is a French teenager who moved to New York years ago. He lived with his single mother his whole life, his father having ran away after discovering the woman was a witch. Nathan's mother was indeed a beautiful, peaceful, open-minded wiccan and had absolutely no problem accepting the fact that her son was homosexual. Nathan was raised in magic, often witnessing his mother casting spells and practicing rituals.

Now that he just got eighteen, Nathan moved out of his mother's home, living in a crummy appartment in New York, where he practices his very own magic, using it mostly for personal uses but also for good if need be. Due to the nature of his powers, Nathan chose the codename Xénon (pronounced with a French accent), which is Greek for strange, unknown or odd, a play on the word "odds". As Xénon, he has since started training more with his powers, hoping to become the greatest sorcerer alive...


Chaos Magic Channeling: Nathan inherited magical abilities from his mother. Indeed, he channels Chaos Magic, which he can wield in a number of useful ways. Chief among these are probability-altering hexes that he can summon at will. These hexes are simply indirect manifestations of his Chaos Magic, destabilizing probabilities by inducing chaos. Through focus and willpower, Nathan can influence the outcome caused by his hexes, such as causing good or bad luck or garnering specific results. Nathan's hexes have been known to alter the molecular composition and physical state of physical objects, negate or distort physical laws, and to cause various forms of energy to spontaneously appear or disappear. If overextended, his hexes can backfire, causing probability to work against his wishes or to undo previous hexes. The main advantage for Nathan to use hexes is that they cost him little to no power and require mild concentration, as they are simply "raw" Chaos Magic. The disadvantages, however, are that to garner specific results they require more concentration and they are limited to altering probabilities, so they cannot do the impossible, unlike Xenon's spells.

  • Probability viewing: Considering the very nature of his powers, Xenon instinctively senses the sets of probabilities surrounding him. This means that he can guess the probability of certain effects happening and can also feel the probabilities shifting depending on the actions he makes. Though pretty abstract, this ability is very useful when using his powers, letting him know what would be most efficient to shift the probabilities in his favor. Xenon can also use this to feel the probabilities of things to come, such as feeling the probability of his death augment when walking towards a spot where the lightning will hit in mere seconds.
  • Spellcasting: Nathan can also use his Chaos Magic to fuel spells with non-chaotic effects, such as levitation, illusion-casting, locator spells, etc. To cast spells, Xenon must simply word his intent and focus on the desired outcome, although he usually uses a short buzzword or a dog-latin incantation. Though Nathan could potentially generate a nearly unlimited number of effects through his spells, it is pretty taxing on his powers, and so he couldn't rely solely on his spells to get him out of a fight, as he would tire out too quickly. This, however, will improve over time so that spell-casting will become as easy as summoning a hex.


Knowledge of Sorcery: Having lived with a practicing witch his entire life, Nathan has good knowledge of magic, sorcery and how the mystical forces work.

Strength level

Xénon has the normal human strength of a man his age, height and build who engages in moderate regular exercise.


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  • Nico Minoru
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Magik
  • Wiccan

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