Legal Status: American citizen with vastly criminal record.


History: Once ate 50 eggs and drank a gallon of milk in under, or over, an hour.


Known Powers:

  • Meat Form: Body is comprised primarily of meat, which can be used for a variety of purposes. Criminals and the elderly beware! Feel the moist sting of living meat!
    • Kinesis: Able to move and even destroy small-to-medium-sized objects using nothing but my own body.
    • Organic Matter Absorption: able to absorb small quantities of organic matter which I am then able to convert into ambulatory energy.
    • Stereoscopic Vision: Able to process and interpret light waves through multiple(2) receptors to achieve a mental image of my immediate surroundings.
    • Psychopathy: Able to read my own mind.
    • Audiopathic Communication: You get the idea.

Notable Contributions

To Do

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