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Hey everyone, my name is RangerPhetty and I like men chicken.

Me and a couple buddies Ballin'

I like basketball IRL, so there's that. in fact, here's a badly photoshopped picture of me, DEV official, and Baron Karza Ballin.

My pals, compatriots, and partners

I got plenty of people on here that I like, and a few even like me back! To list a few people that I find chill:

  • Spideeey
  • Dare00devil
  • Whateveridkreally
  • DEV Official
  • Baron Karza and the Emperor of the Microverse
  • LardWad420
  • Swatteam123

Inactive users I miss

  • Ginger Kenobi
  • Thebeast
  • Otto Octavius
  • ?EnygmalsTheRiddler?