Sexan Ivy

Real Name
Mary Bums
Current Alias
Sexan Ivy

Sexan Ivy, Poison Bum, Second Ivy

Base Of Operations
Los Angeles



Unusual Features
hyptnotizing bum shaking, poisonous touch

Marital Status


First appearance



Chlorokinesis: Semi-mystical connection to the plant world through a force called the Green.

Toxic Immunity: Immunity to all toxins, bacteria, and viruses

Toxikinesis: a deliberate overdose of plant and animal based toxins into her blood stream that make her touch deadly. Ivy can create the most potently powerful floral toxins in Gotham City. Often these are secreted from her lips and administered via a kiss. They come in a number of varieties, from mind controlling drugs to instantly fatal necrotics. Her skin is toxic as well, although contact with it is usually not fatal.

Bum Hypnosis: Sexan Ivy created a bum shaking which makes men and women crazy. They just follow Sexan Ivy and lose control over their body.


Botanic Knowledge: Sexan Ivy has a enhanced knowledge about all kinds of plants.

Master Dancer: Sexan Ivy improved her dancing over years and possesses a great variety of dancing moves. One of them is the enhanced bum shaking.

Strength level

Sexan Ivy possesses the strength level of a woman her age who engages in average exercise.


Sexan Ivy is a little bit shy.

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