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Universe Listing

A few notes:

  • The “First Appearance” column can be somewhat confusing. As it is not an exact science, the column can list either the first appearance of the reality itself, the first mention of the reality, or the first appearance of a character hailing from said reality. (Yeah, I know. I'll fine-tune it later.)
Official Marvel Designation First Appearance Brief Description/Notes
Earth-TRN566[1] Thor Vol 1 162.jpg The reality that existed before the Big Bang. In theory, all other realities branched off from Earth-0.
Earth-5[2] Doctor Who Monthly Vol 1 51.jpg A Dr. Who-related reality; this reality is the home of the Order of The Black Sun, a group that traveled back in time during the War of Four Dimensions to attack the Time Lords.
Earth-9[2] Marvel Super-Heroes (UK) Vol 1 380.jpg The home reality of Saturnyne, the Omniversal Majestrix of Otherworld.
Earth-12[2] Exiles Vol 1 1.jpg The home reality of the ExilesMimic, where mutants and other heroes are regarded with celebrity-like status.
Earth-13[1] Captain America Vol 2 12.jpg A Marvel/DC cross-over reality created when the Counter-Earth pocket dimension and the WildStorm Universe merged together inside the Negative Zone.
Earth-15[2] Exiles Vol 1 83.jpg The home reality of Weapon X’s Spider. This reality appears to have a very large prison population.
Earth-26[3] Dark Reign Fantastic Four Vol 1 2.jpg A reality where Reed Richards negated the need for the Superhuman Registration Act by creating a device that stripped all superhumans of their powers.
Earth-27[2] Exiles Vol 1 1.jpg The home reality of the ExilesMagnus.
Earth-33[2] Fantastic Four Unstable Molecules Vol 1 1.jpg The home reality of a powerless Fantastic Four. The sliding timescale in this reality differs from Earth-616; it is currently in the 1950s on Earth-33.
Earth-33⅓[4] No Image Available.png A comical Marvel UK reality housing characters featured in short humor stories.
Earth-36[2] Startling Stories Thing - Night Falls on Yancy Street Vol 1 1.jpg This reality is very similar to Earth-616. One major difference is the presence of Hazel Donovan.
Earth-45[1] Fantastic Four Vol 1 571.jpg The Dr. Doom of this reality took on, and was defeated by, the Council of Alternate Reality Reed Richards.
Earth-65[2] Excalibur Vol 1 44.jpg The home reality of Captain Britain Corps. member Brother Brit-Man.
Earth-98[2] Fantastic Four Annual Vol 1 1998.jpg A reality who’s history was identical to Earth-616 up until the death of Gwen Stacy at the hands of the Green Goblin in 1973. At that point, the reality’s sliding timescale was altered, and all its inhabitants began aging in real-time.
Earth-110[2] Big Town Vol 1 1.jpg A reality where Reed Richards developed high-powered technology for the entire globe.
Earth-111[2] Fantastic Four Vol 3 47.jpg The home reality of the Challengers of Doom, a group started by Victor von Doom to defend Latvernia from invading countries.
Earth-127[2] Exiles Vol 1 85.jpg A reality where Scarlet Warlock's hex-powers accidentally combined himself, Magneto, Quicksilver, Mesmero and Wolverine into a hulking monstrosity known as Brother Mutant.
Earth-148[2] Excalibur Vol 1 1.jpg This reality adopted mutant child Kylun after he teleported into the reality. The sliding timescale of this reality differs from Earth-616; it is currently in the Middle Ages on Earth-148.
Earth-155[1] Dark Reign Fantastic Four Vol 1 2.jpg Two days after introducing the Superhuman Registration Act with Reed Richards and Tony Stark, the Henry Pym of this reality died of an aneurysm.
Earth-161[1] X-Men Forever Vol 2 1.jpg The mutants of this reality suffer from an incurable disease known as Burnout, which strips them of their powers, seemingly for life.

Earth-172[2] Exiles Vol 1 83.jpg The home reality of Weapon X’s Wolverine.
Earth-181[2] Exiles Vol 1 83.jpg The home reality of Weapon X’s Daredevil and the ExilesPatch.
Earth-212[5] Marvel NOW! Point One Vol 1 1.jpg A reality Loki used as a confidential meeting place with Miss America.
Earth-219 Avengers Vol 5 7.jpg One of a number of realities where the Superflow has been destroyed.
Earth-231[6] Dark Reign Fantastic Four Vol 1 3.jpg The Reed Richards of this reality sensed that the Illuminati would eventually become too ambitious for their own good, so he murdered the other members at the first meeting.
Earth-235[1] Uncanny X-Force Vol 1 23.jpg A world inhabited by vampire eternals.
Earth-238[2] Marvel Super-Heroes (UK) Vol 1 377.jpg The Crooked World. The home reality of Mad Jim Jaspers, an anti-super hero Parliament member who could warp reality at his will. Eventually falling into madness, Jaspers unleashed his full power, and the reality collapsed into chaos. Lord Mandragon destroyed the reality to keep it from affecting others.
Earth-242[7] 100px As described by Tony Stark, this reality was in ruins, and the entire reality was engulfed in flames.
Earth-253[2] X-Man Vol 1 71.jpg A reality very similar to Earth-616; When Qabiri arrived in this reality, the People's Protectorate attempted to defeat him, but failed, and the reality was destroyed.
Earth-267[2] Avengers Vol 1 267.jpg In an attempt to defeat the Avengers, one of the divergent clones of Kang the Conqueror, who was created due to time travel, set off a nuclear bomb in New York City. This caused the entire planet to erupt in nuclear war, which eventually killed everyone on the planet but Kang. As punishment, the Council of Cross-Time Kangs killed this Kang; this reality now sits devoid of human life.
Earth-295[2] X-Men Vol 2 41.jpg The Age of Apocalypse. After Legion traveled back in time to kill Magneto, he accidentally killed Professor Xavier instead, and caused this reality to split off into existence. Apocalypse saw this Xavier-less reality as a prime target and took over. Characters from this reality that affect events outside their homeworld include Blink, Sabretooth, X-Man, Holocaust, Dark Beast, Sugar Man and Nightcrawler.
Earth-305[2] Mighty World of Marvel Vol 2 13.jpg The home reality of Captain Britain Corps. member Captain Angleterre.
Earth-311[8] Marvel 1602 Vol 1 1.jpg 1602 A.D. When the Captain America of Earth-460 was sent through time to 1587 A.D in Earth-616's timeline, he disrupted reality, and caused the creation of a number of heroes. Once Captain America returned to his own timeline, Uatu The Watcher split this reality from Earth-616, and placed it inside a jewel, and allowed the reality to continue on its course. As the name implies, the sliding timescale in this reality differs from Earth-616; it is currently in the 1600s on Earth-311.
Earth-312[2] Exiles Vol 1 35.jpg The Benjamin Grimm of this reality entered a violent and destructive fit of rage after his transformation into The Thing. The sliding timescale of this reality differs somewhat from Earth-616; while it is still in the present day on Earth-312, the "Age of Heroes", the time-span during which a number heroes came to be, has just begun.
Earth-313[2] Knights of Pendragon Vol 2 9.jpg While attempting to save the planet of Arakne from a nuclear bomb, the Knights of Pendragon and Spider-Man opened an inter-dimensional rift and threw the bomb inside, assuming it would detonate in the rift. However, the bomb instead made it through the rift and detonated in Earth-313.
Earth-355[2] Avengers Vol 1 355.jpg The home reality of the Gatherers' Coal Tiger.
Earth-371[2] Exiles Vol 1 83.jpg The home reality of Weapon X's Gambit.
Earth-374[2] Avengers Vol 1 344.jpg The home reality of the Gatherers' Proctor.
Earth-398[2] Avengers Vol 3 2.jpg Morgan le Fay's Reality Warp. Morgan le Fay used her powers to warp reality, and bring the universe back to medieval times where she was ruler of the world. This ripple in time caused the medieval reality to split from Earth-616 into Earth-398.
Earth-412[2] Wisdom Vol 1 5.jpg After kidnapping Maureen Raven, James Ransom teleported Pete Wisdom and his MI13 team to Earth-412, a reality where magic carpet rides are a common form of transportation, much like taxi cabs in our reality.
Earth-460[2] Marvel 1602 Vol 1 8.jpg In this reality, the Purple Man used his mind-control powers to make himself President of the United States for life. He used this position to imprison, kill or banish all of superheroes from the planet. When he banished Captain America to the year 1587 A.D. in Earth-616's timeline, Earth-311 was accidentally created.
Earth-483[1] Marvel Zombies 5 Vol 1 1.jpg The Territory/The Frontier. In this reality, the "Old West" era ever ended, but the majority of Old West heroes and villains are retired or deceased. When a meteor carrying a variant strain of the zombie virus landed in the town graveyard, the heroes, villains and other townsfolk resting within came back to life and attacked the town. The zombies were defeated by Jackie Kane, Hurricane, Machine Man, and Howard the Duck.
Earth-520[2] Exiles Vol 1 85.jpg The home reality of the ExilesWeapon X.
Earth-522[2] Daredevils Vol 1 6.jpg The home reality of Captain Britain Corps. member Captain England.
Earth-523[2] Daredevils Vol 1 6.jpg The home reality of Captain Britain Corps. member Captain Albion, a reality who's sliding timescale differs somewhat from Earth-616; while it is currently in the present day on Earth-523, the world is in a new era similar to the Elizabethan Era of the late 1500s. The British Empire of this reality controls the American territories, as well as a large part of Asia, and the world thrives in a Utopian-like state.
Earth-538[6] Dark Reign Fantastic Four Vol 1 3.jpg When the Illuminati confronted The Beyonder during the second Secret War, The Beyonder chose to warp the reality into a place where everyone worshiped and loved him.
Earth-541[2] Untold Tales of the New Universe Vol 1 1.jpg This reality's Star Brand used his power to make himself unquestioned ruler of the world, giving himself the title of Global Monarch. Despite the lack of freedoms in this reality, the world appears peaceful, happy and efficient.
Earth-552[2] Exiles Vol 1 87.jpg The Galactus of this reality travels throughout the universe restoring life to planets, as opposed to devouring them.
Earth-555[2] Newuniversal Vol 1 1.jpg In the Middle Ages of Earth-555, Chthon, of Earth-616, set a strain of the Zombie Plague upon England, but was stopped by Jackie Kane, Machine Man, and Howard the Duck. In modern times, superhumans live underground lives, and political tensions run high among most countries. When The White Event occurred, it created paranormal events, and granted powers to a number of humans.
Earth-597[2] Excalibur Vol 1 6.jpg In this reality, Hitler and his Nazi forces won World War II. It is not entirely clear how far the Nazi rule extends, but it appears to include most, if not all, of Europe. Superheroes do exist in this reality, although their morals are slightly skewed.
Earth-616[2] Motion Picture Funnies Weekly Vol 1 1.jpg The Marvel Universe. Earth-616 is the main universe where the overwhelming majority of events take place. Earth-616 is the universe a majority of other universes branched off from, as well as the one most universes are compared to.
Earth-617[2] Doc Samson Vol 2 4.jpg The Doc Samson of this reality attempted to help the Bruce Banner of this reality rid himself of his Hulk alter-ego by entering the plane of Banner's subconscious. However, the Hulk manifested, and tore through the plane into the Nightmare Realm, where Nightmare attempted to use them to gain access to Earth-616.
Earth-653[2] Exiles Vol 1 83.jpg The home reality of Weapon X's Mesmero.
Earth-665[2] Not Brand Echh Vol 1 1.jpg A reality that is home to Forbush Man, and a number of characters that parody big-name heroes of Earth-616.
Earth-666[9] Secret Avengers Vol 1 33.jpg A supernatural reality inhabited by various monster and magical creatures.
Earth-689[2] Avengers Annual Vol 1 2.jpg Earth-689 is a product of both the time-travels of Earth-616's Avengers and the meddling of the Scarlet Centurion. During their time travels back to World War II, the Avengers caused this reality to branch off into existence in from the point in the 1940s they arrived at. The Centurion decided to use this reality as his home base from which he would conquer other realities, and tricked its Avengers into capturing all super-powered beings to prevent any interference in his plans. He then caused Earth-616's Avengers to travel to Earth-689 in hopes that the Earth-689 Avengers would defeat them and leave Earth-616 open for attack.
Earth-691[2] Marvel Super-Heroes Vol 1 18.jpg Earth-691's history differs greatly from Earth-616. After nearly a century of international wars, and three devastating alien invasion attempts, the planet was left a wasteland. The Guardians of the Galaxy, made up of the few remaining humans, abandoned the empty planet and became intergalactic heroes. The sliding timescale of Earth-691 greatly differs from that of Earth-616; it is currently in the 31st Century on Earth-691.
Earth-700[2] Marvel The Lost Generation Vol 1 8.jpg The homeworld of Cassandra Locke, a time-travelling historian. Earth-700 was under the threat of a Skrull invasion, so Locke traveled to the present day of Earth-616 to gather information about the Skrulls past invasion attempts, hoping to use the information to warn her reality about the Skrull's true plans. The sliding timescale differ from Earth-616; it is currently in the 2200s on Earth-700.
Earth-712[2] Avengers Vol 1 85.jpg Earth-S. The home of the Squadron Supreme. Earth-712 is ruled by one all-powerful dictatorship. This reality shares almost no history whatsoever with Earth-616, and it is highly possible that this reality split off from Earth-0 at the onset of the Big Bang, instead of branching off from Earth-616 at some point in history.
Earth-714[2] Exiles Vol 1 83.jpg The home reality of Weapon X's Angel.
Earth-715[2] Savage Tales Vol 1 1.jpg A reality where chemical and biological warfare rendered 95% of the female population sterile. The remaining fertile women took over worldwide, and enslaved males. Through controlled and genetically modified breeding, the ruling women raised a population of superhuman females, including Thundra, who would travel to Earth-616 and briefly join the Fantastic Four. The sliding timescale of Earth-715 differs from that of Earth-616; it is currently in the 23rd Century on Earth-715.
Earth-717[2] What If Captain America Vol 1 1.jpg In this reality, Union soldier Stephen Rogers created the persona of Captain America during the Civil War. Rogers' victory brought

prosperity to the country. The country flourished into a non-racist utopia, although the White Skull often attempted to spread his white supremacist message.

Earth-721[2] Fantastic Four Vol 1 118.jpg Earth-A. In this reality, only Reed Richards and Ben Grimm were on-board Reed's rocket ship when it was bombarded with cosmic rays. Richards became The Thing, while Grimm became Mr. Fantastic, who not only had the powers of elasticity, but pyrokinesis as well. Aside from Richards and Grimm, very few super-powered beings exist in this reality.
Earth-723[2] Untold Tales of the New Universe Vol 1 1.jpg This reality's Star Brand used his powers to create music; the music was so good, it unified the entire planet in camaraderie.
Earth-725[2] Marvel Knights Millennial Visions Vol 1 2001.jpg At an undetermined period in the future, the society of Earth-725 had created a vast number of artificial-inelegance servants, using them for all manner of work. Becoming self-aware, the A.I. beings revolted against the humans, and in the process created a Captain America-esque leader dubbed the Sentinel of Liberty.
Earth-741[2] Mighty World of Marvel Vol 2 13.jpg The home reality of Captain Britain Corps. member Captain Empire.
Earth-744[2] Daredevils Vol 1 7.jpg The home reality of Captain Britain Corps. member Captain Airstrip-One, an Orwellian reality filled with government surveillance, war and mind control.
Earth-763[10] Exiles Vol 2 1.jpg The home reality of the ExilesBeast.
Earth-772[2] What If? Vol 1 1.jpg The Spider-Man of this reality was allowed to join the Fantastic Four, at which point the team renamed themselves the Fantastic Five.
Earth-774[2] What If? Vol 1 2.jpg In this reality, Bruce Banner would be bombarded with gamma radiation and transformed into The Hulk. However, this reality's Hulk would not become a mindless monster, but would retain the vast intelligence of his human counterpart. When Galactus threatened to destroy Earth, Banner would combine his body with those of Charles Xavier and Reed Richards to form the all-powerful X-Man.
Earth-776[2] What If? Vol 1 3.jpg In this reality, the Avengers would disband shortly after they formed. Much like their Earth-616 counterparts, the team would be mistrusting of the Hulk. However, unlike their counterparts, when the Hulk left the team in anger, the Earth-776 team would not move on without him. They instead disagreed on what to do, which lead to the team dissolving. In a later battle with the Hulk, Iron Man would sacrifice his life to save Henry Pym.
Earth-788[2] What If? Vol 1 10.jpg In this reality, Jane Foster, and not Donald Blake, would find Mjolnir, and would be granted the power of Thor. Using the name of Thordis, Foster would defend Earth from numerous villains, and would form the Avengers. Eventually, Thordis defeated Asgard from an invasion attempt by Loki; she then willingly gave Mjolnir and its powers to the real Thor.
Earth-794[2] Captain Britain Vol 1 6.jpg The home reality of Captain Britain Corps. member Kaptain Briton and his partner Sat-Yr-9, dictators over the globe. Both Briton and Sat-Yr-9 are sadists, and often tortured their citizens. Briton was killed by Psylocke after he attempted to rape her on Earth-616.
Earth-797[2] Exiles Vol 1 99.jpg The home reality of the ExilesMystiq.
Earth-804[2] What If? Vol 1 20.jpg In this reality, during the Kree-Skrull War, Ronan the Accuser killed Rick Jones while he was imprisoned. Although Jones' death caused numerous events to occur differently than they did in Earth-616 continuity, both the Kree and Skrull factions were subdued, and the war ended. Jones' body was inhabited by Supreme Intelligence, who traveled into space to find itself following the war.
Earth-808[2] What If? Vol 1 22.jpg The Victor von Doom of this reality would become a hero after rescuing his mother's soul from the realm of Mephisto. After becoming the beloved ruler of Latveria alongside his wife Valeria, Mephisto snatched Doom out of his reality, and forced Doom to choose between himself and his new wife as a replacement for his mother's soul. Doom chose his wife, and was returned to Latveria.
Earth-811[2] X-Men Vol 1 141.jpg Days of Future Past. In this reality, Sentinels have taken control of North America, and mutants are hunted down and either killed, or placed in concentration camps. Anti-Mutant sentiment is present everywhere in this reality; the X-Men of Earth-616 where brought into this reality during an attempt to alter the past and prevent the events leading to the Mutant oppression. The sliding timescale of Earth-811 differs from that of Earth-616; it is currently 33 years into the future on Earth-811. Characters from this reality that affect events outside their homeworld include Rachel Summers and Wolverine.
Earth-821[2] Marvel Knights Millennial Visions Vol 1 2001.jpg This reality appears to be identical to Earth-616, aside from the fact that Ghost Rider's motorcycle does not burn with hellfire, but is instead a normal commercially available motorcycle.
Earth-829[2] Hercules Vol 1 1.jpg The Hercules of this reality was banished to the Andromeda Galaxy by Zeus, who wanted to teach Hercules a lesson in humility. The sliding timescale of Earth-829 differs from that of Earth-616; it is currently in the 2300s on Earth-829.
Earth-839[2] Captain Britain Vol 2 14.jpg Earth-839 is the reality Captain U.K. was assigned to defend after she defeated Sat-Yr-9, the sadistic dictator of Earth-794.
Earth-846[2] Mighty World of Marvel Vol 2 13.jpg The home reality of Captain Britain Corps. member Kommandant Englander, a reality where Kaiser Wilhelm II and the German Empire won World War I. It is not known just how the German victory has affected this reality.
Earth-873[2] Exiles Vol 1 83.jpg The home reality of Weapon X's Hulk.
Earth-886[2] Untold Tales of the New Universe Vol 1 1.jpg The Star Brand of this reality is a female who is treated as a celebrity for protecting her world.
Earth-889[1] Astonishing X-Men Ghost Boxes Vol 1 1.jpg A reality that was targeted for an annex by Agent X-13 on behalf of his home reality. The sliding timescale of Earth-889 may differs from that of Earth-616; the reality may be in the past, prior to the age of modern technology. Seeing as the Hindenburg disaster of this reality was caused by Agent X-13 during his stay there, it plausible that it is 1937 on Earth-889. Another way to regard this world is a civilization whose technology stopped evolving at another step, creating a pre-digital steam-punk world.
Earth-892[2] X-Men Chaos Engine Vol 1 1.jpg The Dr. Doom of this reality rules the planet. The Dr. Doom of Earth-616 used an imitation Cosmic Cube to briefly merge Earth-616 and Earth-892 together in an attempt to rule both worlds.
Earth-900[2] X-Men Millennial Visions Vol 1 2000.jpg Earth-900 is a Mutant utopia, where Charles Xavier saved the life of the President of the United States. Long after Xavier's death, the X-Men are still active, as both a school run by Storm, and as a national police force run by Cyclops and the Phoenix.
Earth-902[2] X-Men Millennial Visions Vol 1 2000.jpg This reality passed a Mutant Rights Legislation Act, which effectively ended Mutant persecution. The end of Mutant persecution brought the persecution of the poor and the homeless. A group of mutant teenagers known as the X-Punks soon formed as champions for the homeless cause.
Earth-904[2] What If Vol 2 12.jpg After defeating Loki in Asgard, members of both the X-Men and the New Mutants decided to stay in Asgard. Many of the members found love, and Storm became the Goddess of Thunder, Queen of Asgard.
Earth-905[2] What If Vol 2 13.jpg Upon discovering the Temple of Cyttorak, Charles Xavier, and not Cain Marko, grabbed the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak and was endowed with the powers of the Juggernaut. Because of this, the X-Men are not formed, and anti-mutant hysteria overtook America. Xavier eventually formed an evil X-Men team, and took over the country with anti-human policy. A host of mutants and heroes lead by Magneto launch Xavier into the vacuum of space and end his reign.
Earth-906[2] What If Vol 2 14.jpg The Captain Marvel of this reality did not die of cancer, but instead cured his cancer through the use of cloned alien DNA. However, the DNA afflicted Captain Marvel with a new disease, which began infecting members of every race in the universe.
Earth-907[2] What If Vol 2 15.jpg The Shi'ar of this reality put Reed Richards on trial for reviving Galactus. However, the Shi'ar executed Richards, so the remaining members of the Fantastic Four destroyed the Shi'ar homeworld. An interplanetary alliance attempted to destroy Earth in retaliation of the Shi'ar world's destruction, but were stopped by the Fantastic Three.
Earth-908[2] Avengers West Coast Vol 2 61.jpg The Leonard Tippit of this reality caused the beginning of World War III when his Destiny Force powers were awakened. Immortus eventually destroyed this reality.
Earth-909[2] 100px In this reality, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch were both burned to death at the stake.
Earth-912[2] What If Vol 2 22.jpg The Fantastic Four of this reality allowed the Silver Surfer to join their team, and renamed themselves the Fantastic Five. Mephisto attempted to enslave the Surfer by capturing him, and killed the Human Torch to intimidate him. The Surfer's purity eventually destroyed Mephisto, and the planet eventually became a place of peace
Earth-913[2] What If Vol 2 23.jpg In this reality, the original X-Men team defeated Krakoa after it mutated to life in the Pacific Ocean. As a result, Professor Xavier had no need to form the second X-Men team.
Earth-917[2] What If Vol 2 27.jpg After stopping him from attacking New York, the Fantastic Four convinced Namor to join them, and they renamed themselves the Fantastic Five. Over the course of time, Sue Storm fell in love with Namor, and Reed Richards left the team to devote himself to research. After foiling Dr. Doom's plans to kill Sue, Reed rejoined the team, and Sue married Namor, while Reed married his research assistant Lissette Orvola.
Earth-919[1] Secret Avengers Vol 1 22.jpg Captain Britain has mentioned in passing that the Jericho Drumm of this reality bonded together an Infinity Gem and Eye of Agamotto.
Earth-920[2] Daredevils Vol 1 7.jpg The home reality of Captain Britain Corps. member Captain Commonwealth.
Earth-921[2] Avengers Vol 1 343.jpg The home reality of the Gatherers' Swordsman.
Earth-924[2] Excalibur Vol 1 49.jpg The Excalibur team from Earth-616 looked in on this reality, and watched as Calibur, a team similar to themselves, battled Keng the Conqueror.
Earth-928[8] Spider-Man 2099 Vol 1 1.jpg 2099 A.D. Earth-928 is a dystopian future reality, where big corporations control the country, and new heroes have taken up the mantles of heroes past.
Earth-929[2] What If Vol 2 41.jpg In this reality, when Reed Richards's rocket ship was bombarded with cosmic radiation, it was sent crashing down to Earth, killing Reed, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm. As a result, they never received super powers, and never formed a hero team. When Galactus came to destroy Earth, the Avengers battled him to no avail, at which point Uatu the Watcher sacrificed himself to Galactus and saved the planet.
Earth-932[2] Avengers Vol 1 359.jpg The home reality of the Gatherers' Anti-Vision.
Earth-934[2] What If Vol 2 48.jpg In this reality, Daredevil saved Nuke's life after Nuke's rampage through Hell's Kitchen by taking him to a hospital. However, Nuke was then killed by The Kingpin for failing to defeat Daredevil. The Kingpin was then sent to prison for Nuke's murder, as Ben Urich had witnessed the entire crime.
Earth-938[2] What If Vol 2 52.jpg The Dr. Doom of this reality became the Sorcerer Supreme in an attempt to rescue his mother's soul from Mephisto; however, the rescue of her soul cost The Ancient One his life. Without The Ancient One, Doom was unable to defend Earth from an attack by Dormammu, and enlisted the help of a number of heroes to defeat him. Dormammu injured Doom in the battle, and as he died on the operating table, Doom forced his surgeon, Dr. Stephen Strange, to become the new Sorcerer Supreme.
Earth-939[2] What If Vol 2 53.jpg This reality branch off into existence from Earth-8410 at an undetermined point. When the Iron Man of the year 2020 traveled back in time to the present day (his past), he was unable to return to his native time. While in the past, he teamed up with Morgan Stark, and they killed James Rhodes. The future Iron Man was than killed in battle by the present day Iron Man.
Earth-943[2] Avengers Vol 1 372.jpg The home reality of the Gatherers' Jocasta.
Earth-944[2] Fantastic Four Vol 1 387.jpg Earth-944 was presumably similar to Earth-616, until Galactus consumed the Earth. The only person to survive was Reed Richards, who went insane, and renamed himself the Dark Raider. He then began travelling from reality to reality, attempting to murder other versions of himself. He was eventually killed in the Negative Zone.
Earth-947[2] What If Vol 2 63.jpg In this reality, Jim Rhodes hired The Living Laser as an employee of Stark Enterprises. Looking to prove himself trustworthy to his boss and co-workers, The Laser disguised himself as Rhodes and attempted to answer a call for Rhodes in a laboratory. Upon arriving, he found Tony Stark alive, despite being assured he had died. The Laser attempted to kill Stark, so Rhodes, in the Iron Man armor, attempted to stop him. However, the upset Laser decided to end his life, and stepped into a Laser Focusing Chamber, the power of which killed him.
Earth-952[2] What If Vol 2 70.jpg The Silver Surfer of this reality did not deceive Galactus, who, despite opposition from the Avengers, devoured the Earth. The only survivors were the members of the Fantastic Four, who subsequently became additional heralds for Galactus.
Earth-956[2] What If Vol 2 74.jpg In this reality, Sinister adopted and raised Scott and Alex Summers. At a latter point, Sinister formed his own group of X-Men, who were decidedly evil compared to their heroic counterparts. Sinister sent Scott to join the other X-Men team, and used him as a spy.
Earth-957[2] What If Vol 2 75.jpg In this reality, Blink survived her fight with Harvest. Afterwards, Blink attempted to use her powers to make the Earth a peaceful, prosperous place; however, she failed miserably, and was confronted by the In-Betweener. Despite threatening to kill her, the In-Between instead made Blink his apprentice, and gave her powers similar to his.
Earth-958[2] What If Vol 2 76.jpg In this reality, Flash Thompson, and not Peter Parker, was bitten by a radio-active spider, and given spider-like abilities. Thompson decided to use his new powers for financial gain, dubbed himself The Spider, and went on a crime spree. Seeing this, Peter created a mechanical backpack with large spider-like legs, and, calling himself Spider-Man, took on and defeated Flash, who's powers were subsequently taken away.
Earth-967[2] Fantastic Four Vol 1 414.jpg In this post-apocalyptic reality, which splintered away from Earth-811 at an unknown point, Franklin Richards and Rachel Summers married, and gave birth to a child named Jonathan. Jonathan, who became a highly powerful mutant, began calling himself Hyperstorm, and took over all known worlds in the universe. After clashing with the Fantastic Four, Hyperstorm was eventually pulled into a dimensional void by Galactus.
Earth-969[2] What If Vol 2 89.jpg After their exposure to cosmic radiation, Reed Richards and company gained superhuman powers, but were unable to control them. Dr. Doom decided to imprison the group, so as to prevent them from forming a hero team.
Earth-973[2] What If Vol 2 95.jpg The Dan Ketch of this reality was given the powers of the Ghost Rider by Mephisto. Mephisto used his powers to control Ketch, and made him do his bidding. Ketch was eventually killed by Johnny Blaze.
Earth-976[1] Dark Reign Fantastic Four Vol 1 3.jpg In this reality, the Initiative program, and the Superhuman Registration Act, were successfully implemented when Magneto and Dr. Doom were included as part of the Illuminati.
Earth-979[2] What If Vol 2 100.jpg In exchange for the cure to Rouge's powers, as well as a piece of the cure to the Legacy Virus, Gambit stole boxes of information and gave it to Mr. Sinister. When the boxes contained Marvel comics, Rogue became enraged and killed both Sinister and Gambit.
Earth-982[2] What If Vol 2 105.jpg On Earth-982, the Age of Heroes began roughly 15 years earlier than in mainstream continuity. As such, many superhumans have aged or retired, and new superhumans have taken on the job of protecting the world.
Earth-983[2] What If Vol 2 106.jpg In this reality, the X-Men became divided after learning of Gambit's involvement in the Mutant Massacre. Angel, particularly outraged about the incident, challenged Gambit in a fight to the death, only for both of them to realize that killing each other would be pointless. However, Marrow then impaled Gambit through the chest, killing him.
Earth-985[2] What If Vol 2 108.jpg In this reality, the Carnage symbiote abandoned Cletus Kasady and bonded to the Silver Surfer, becoming Carnage Cosmic. Realizing that the symbiote was too dangerous, the Surfer flew into the sun and killed the symbiote, while sacrificing himself in the process.
Earth-987[2] What If Vol 2 110.jpg In this reality, Colossus did not join the X-Men, but instead joined Russia's Soviet Super-Soldiers. The Super-Soldiers and the X-Men teamed up together when Professor Xavier was possessed by Proteus. During the battle, Colossus killed Xavier, losing one of his arms in the process. Afterwards, Colossus retired, married his former teammate Darkstar, and had a daughter.
Earth-989[2] What If Vol 2 109.jpg After the Dr. Doom of this reality trapped the minds of the Fantastic Four in Liddleville, The Thing decided that he enjoyed living there, and refused to leave. When the rest of the group tried to escape without him, Mr. Fantastic and The Invisible Woman were killed.
Earth-991[1] New Exiles Vol 1 18.jpg A reality visited by The Exiles where Mongol invaders conquered most of Europe and Africa. As a result, the Vikings left Scandinavia, and traveled to North America, where they joined with the Native American Indians. In the present day, the Exiles helped the Vikings and Indians defend America from an invasion attempt by the Mongols.
Earth-998[2] X-Man Vol 1 63.jpg In this reality, the Red Queen ruled over America from her personal floating city. After attempting to use the X-Man as a weapon to destroy Asia, X-Man turned on her and killed her.
Earth-999[2] Nextwave Vol 1 9.JPG A reality visited by Nextwave where Number None had created numerous genetically modified superbeings.


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