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Real Name: Nicholas
Location: Chicago
Known Aliases: Squirrelloid
Staff: Administrator, Researcher (X-team specialist 1963-1993)

Important: User:Squirrelloid/Task Log, User:Squirrelloid/Chronology Issues, User:Squirrelloid/Images to be Deleted

Favorite Characters: Katherine Pryde[1], Wolverine[2], Henry McCoy (Earth-616)[3], Magneto (Eric Magnus Lehnsherr) (Earth-616)[4], Rachel Summers (Earth-811)[5], Danielle Moonstar[6], Rogue[7], Psylocke[8], Jean Grey[9]
Favorite Titles (Collection): Uncanny X-Men Vol 1, GI Joe Vol 1, Sandman (Vertigo), Fables (Vertigo)
Favorite Issues:
Uncanny X-Men Vol 1: 57-62, 112-113, 126-128, 136-137, 141-142, 143, 150, 153, 162, 168, and many more! (still re-reading...)


  1. Notably UXM 129-211 and Fantastic Four Vs. the X-Men
  2. During Claremont's original run, especially UXM 141-245
  3. I hate to say it, but I miss the loquacious Beast, as best written by Stan Lee and Roy Thomas! (thats silver age, folks). Hasn't been the same since, and this is a case where personality is all that counts, though that feline thing is an abomination.
  4. Appearances before UXM 112 need not apply - ok, they can, but they make me laugh and cry at the same time
  5. Mostly her UXM appearances back from 180ish - 209, when she actually had spunk.
  6. I only know her from her New Mutant days
  7. but only while she and carol danvers were duking it out in her head - the Gambit/Rogue thing is/was boring. (UXM 171-269, basically; her and Magneto in the Savage Land was cool too)
  8. Before the crazy Acts of Vengeance weird body snatchers incident. Seriously, dude, WTF
  9. before they retconned that whole 'she died on the frickin moon' story. What a waste of a brilliantly layed-out story arc.


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Notable Contributions

Avengers: 171-172, 175-176, 178, 180-186, 188-190, 192
New Mutants: 2-23, 26-31, 34-36, 38-42, 45-46, 67, 70, 74, 76, 83, 85
Uncanny X-Men Vol 1: 24-42, 44-48, 51-59, 61-62, 65-66, 68, 82, 86-88, 91, 111-117, 119-128, 130-138, 143-152, 154-172, 199, 202, 204, 212, Annuals: 1-10
Giant-Size X-Men: 2
XF: 8-13, 15-16, 18
Total Issues Contributed: 172

Character Page Maintenance:
Jean Grey (Earth-616), Phoenix Force (Earth-616), Jean Grey (Earth-616)/Gallery, etc...

Site Improvements:
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