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Tadej Peršič
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satyr, shirker, wayfarer, soever, tayi, tadzio, dejko, Big P.


6 feet 2 inches (188 cm)

194 lbs (88 kg)



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Tadejp considers himself to be relatively young (age 35). He is a free-spirited person, and he sees himself as a critical thinker and rationalist.

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My name is Tadej Peršič and I am 35 years old (male), born on 13th of July 1980, and I grew up and still live in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia (Slovenia is a country located almost at the center of Europe). I'm an ex student of Architecture, I then switched to Information technology college, and currently I am done with the course, but I still need to graduate. I am also a proud member of English Wikipedia from March 25 2005 onward; and as of July 28 2015 the number of my edits is at 1,546.

More info about me

Me with my new sunglasses on 20 July 2015. The photo was taken by myself (i.e. a "selfie") with help from a mirror.

I am a guy who likes to listen to good music, watch movies and TV series (e.g. Game of Thrones, South Park, Futurama, Babylon 5, Star Trek etc), then I also like to browse World Wide Web, post on message-boards and so on. In general I see myself as a pretty liberal person, a pacifist, skeptic and rationalist. Otherwise I like usual stuff like meeting with my friends, enjoying my home-town and coast during the summer here in Slovenia and do various other usual things. Oh and yeah, I also like to have a good sleep every night! :)

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First I will again mention my somehow main personal page on portal which links to my others profiles and user pages, then as second is my my blog in English, which I've created after blogging and sharing portal Posterous was acquired by Twitter and shutdown, which also meant the end of my blog there (which had quite a lot of posts); there exists another blog of mine on WordPress, but this one is in Slovene. Next is my professional profile on LinkedIn, then there are of course my many accounts' pages on various social networking internet sites such as my profile on Twitter and my profile page on Facebook, my personal page on MySpace, and my user page on Fubar community portal. Finally, here is also a link to my profile page on Scribd (with various seminar papers from my 2 year study of Informatics), while for a few other such account pages rather see the my-accounts.html page on my main personal website.

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