Real Name
Current Alias
The Cosmic Learner

He-who-knows, the all knowing, Guardian


The Learners

Eternity(creator, in hibernation), Isaris(brother,deceased)

Abstract Earth-098985(formerly),Trinityland

Base Of Operations
The Spacesaw, Earth, Hala, Trinityland





Unusual Features
A battle with the Fates caused scars on his arm.


Marital Status



He took the Crown of Knowledge thus gives him unlimited knowledge

Place of Birth

First appearance

Learner#1 1

The Learner was created by Eternity to provide knowledge to the human race back then. After the human learnt the basic skills of surviving, he left to search for the ultimate source of knowledge, finally discovering it after five thousand years of endless quest. But upon finding it he was disappointed, and used his powers to absorb all of the knowledge. He then was ambushed by the Fates while travelling back to Hala. He barely survived the attack and the fierce battle left a scar on his left arm.He then travelled to the unknown and was eventually held captive by his nemesis,Isaris. He seemingly died fighting Isaris, but came back to defeat him. He resided in New York, as a advisor to the Avengers.He recently went again on a quest to restore Nemesis by collecting Infinity Gems as he thinks it is the only way to defeat his reborn evil brother Isaris. He first destroyed the Supreme Intelligence who took hold of the Mind Gem. Then he travelled to Vormir took the Soul Gem by force. At last , he defeated the leader of the Black Order, Thanos, who had the remaining four Gems. After collecting all Gems, he successfully recreated the goddess Nemesis and controlled the goddess using a special artefact called the Mind Tapper. Together they searched the entire universe for his evil brother. After years of search the dual finally found Isaris dead, killed by a unknown creature. The dual went back to Earth to see the heroes of the planet all dead. Founding out the culprit was his creator Eternity, he and Nemesis travelled to The Soul World to defeat him. Eternity threatened the Learner not to defeat him, because he was created by Eternity and if Eternity ceased to exist, he can’t live too. Eternity was eventually forced to be put into hibernation by Nemesis, and because he was not really dead, The Learner survived. After returning to Earth he found the Avengers all revived and he and the heroes of Earth split Nemesis back into the 7 infinity gems, where the Learner was being rewarded the guardian of the Space Gem. At last he went into the darkness, and was never known. He eventually re-emerges when the Abstract Earth-098985(the Universe he was in) was on the verge of destruction. He reveals he had foreseen the destruction of the Universe and was busy on creating a new Universe. He and the people of this Universe went abroad the Spacesaw and went to his new Universe, the Trinityland. He currently works as a advisor to the Emperor of Trinityland. The citizens later realised that the Emperor of Trinityland was just a puppet of the Learner, and they banished him from Trinityland. But the citizens let the Learner return back to Trinityland as they realised that without the rule of the Learner, the Universe went into chaos. The Learner after returning gave up the reign and he passed on to Steve Rogers of that Universe. At last he went back on the Spacesaw, and experimented on the Space Gem. He created a group of intelligent beings just like him, whom he calls the Learners. The Learners are created to obey his orders and assassinate potential threats to the Galaxy.


He can tap into other’s mind and extract their memory from them. He can also create or delete memories from individuals.He can also create soul loops which enable user to store its soul in a particular place. He can also destroy powerful artifacts like the Infintiy Gems. Anti-aging.


Unlimited knowledge.

Strength level

Strength of a normal adult.


Forcmer Weakness: The Learner was vulnerable to photonic blasts


Insta-transportation device, Hala transport card, Power Stone, Golden Staff, Mind Tapper, the Space Stone.


The Spacesaw(mega cruiser) heavy armed and is the main base of the Learner.


The sword of the Gods -this enables the learner to fire electric shocks or death wave, the Space Gem

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