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Quote1 Just hate him... hate him. It's easy. You've been doing it for years. Just... I need so much therapy. Quote2
-- Spider-Man to himself

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Synopsis for "Isn't It Bromantic? Part One"

Spider-Man and Deadpool are staring each other in the face. Deadpool keeps running his mouth, and Spidey tells him to shut up. It is then revealed that Spidey and Deadpool are tied up together in Spidey's webbing, and they're hanging up-side down. Spider-Man is trying to come up with an escape plan, and Deadpool is just making inappropriate jokes to Spidey. They're prisoners of what seems to be Dormammu and a large number of Mindless Ones. Dormammu asks what they were trying to accomplish by coming to Hell. Deadpool starts blabbering about a villain monologue, and Spidey tells him to shut up. In an effort to escape, Deadpool dislocates his own hip, and Spidey grabs one of Deadpool's katana, and cuts through the webbing. Spidey asks Deadpool how he got access to the nano-ceramic fiber composite materials in his swords needed to cut through Spidey's webbing. Deadpool and Spidey then free themselves from the webbing, and start fighting the Mindless Ones. Spidey gets angry at Deadpool for apparently bringing him to Hell. During the fight, Deadpool gets mobbed by Mindless Ones, but Spidey webs him and pulls him out, popping his hip back in its place. Dormammu asks Spidey why he's hanging out with Deadpool if he's so cool. Deadpool asks Spidey if Spidey wants to do the flashback, or if he should.

In the flashback, Spider-Man is at the North River Waste Water Treatment Plant battling Hydro-Man, and find it hard to resist bathroom jokes (they're at a waste water plant, remember?) Deadpool swings up next to Spidey and starts joking about how Spidey quit the Avengers. Spidey gets annoyed, and asks why Deadpool is there. Deadpool tells Spidey that he wants to show him something cool.

As Spidey and Deadpool battle the Mindless Ones, Deadpool continues the story from that point on, telling about how he basically teleported himself and Spidey to Hell so they could deal with this "Avengers-level threat". Spidey asks if Deadpool has plan. Deadpool pulls some real brains out of his pockets which he got from the morgue. He starts jamming the brains into the Mindless Ones' heads, creating the Mindful Ones. Deadpool also accidentally puts a grenade in one's head, which explodes. The now Mindful Ones start questioning Dormammu, and they start doubting that he cares for them. Deadpool tells Spidey that they overthrew Hell with the brains of entitled millennials. Spidey starts to get annoyed and frustrated, and tells Deadpool to bamf (teleport) them out of there.

Deadpool does, and they appear back in Manhattan, where Spidey drops Deadpool on a rooftop. Deadpool explains that he has franchised himself and his services, and makes are amounts of money. Spidey refuses, and realizes that he's missing a meeting. Before leaving, Spidey snaps the collar off of Deadpool's Bamf, and it teleports away, taking Deadpool's hand with it. However, before Spidey and Deadpool can part ways, Hydro-Man attacks and demands a ransom for the city. Deadpool starts making poop jokes (Hydro-Man is composed of sewage water). Spidey and Deadpool both get blasted with sewage. Deadpool uses an incendiary grenade on the villain, at the cost of his own legs, blowing Hydro-Man apart. Later, Spidey and Deadpool regroup on a rooftop. Spidey hoses off his clothes, and Deadpool waits for his legs to fully grow back. Deadpool admits to Spidey that he wanted to be more like him. Deadpool says that he's here if Spidey ever wants to hang out. He then proceeds to jump off the roof. Spidey swings away, grumbling and griping about Deadpool. Meanwhile, Deadpool is back in "Hell" which is revealed to be fake, and Dormammu is revealed to be an imposter. Deadpool decides to kill the "super villain", Peter Parker.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Merc-y Neighborhood Deadpool? The Spider with a Mouth? Close enough. THE TWO MOST POPULAR CHARACTERS IN THE WORLD TOGETHER FOR THE FIRST TIME! (That’s a lie.) Deadpool loves Spider-Man. Spider-Man hates Deadpool. If my math is correct, that makes them the perfect team, but what brings these two together? You’re going to have to read this book to find out, but Joe Kelly (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, DEADPOOL) and Ed McGuinness (DEADPOOL, AMAZING X-MEN, HULK, a certain team-up book at the Distinguished Competition) are together again and will blow your mind with the last page of the first issue!

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