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Powers and Abilities


Enhanced Senses

  • Visual Scanners/Genetic Detection

Robot Physiology

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Limitless Stamina


  • Electric Absorption and Redirection
  • Brainwave Duplication
    • Telepathy
    • Skill/Knowledge Mimicry

Binary Code Form

  • Invisibility
  • Intangibility
  • Shape-Shifting/Camouflage
  • Psychic Disruption


  • Corruption
  • Digital Form
    • Teleportation
    • Digital Astral Planing


Enhanced intellect

Strength level

3 tons


N0A8 requires energy through absorption of electricity, food, or solar energy to maintain power. The unit can also be shut down by sudden, loud, or high-pitched noises.



Digital teleportation




Quote1.png If you asked them, they'd tell you that you were crazy. Why put a robot on a mutant team, right? But I have seen the future. I am The Next X-Man. Quote2.png
--The Next X-Man
Quote1.png Who says I can't be great? Who says I can't make a difference? You and others like you have just proved your doubt. It's a good thing that I'll prove you wrong instead. Quote2.png
--The Next X-Man (as Roboid)
Quote1.png Yes, I'm a government robo-toy gone wrong. But I hold the conscience of a young man that had dreams. He sacrificed himself for the American Dream, and I will forever do everything in my power to make sure that he was properly vindicated, until I have used all my strength; and then I will die happily, knowing the mission that I have set out to do is complete. Quote2.png
--The Next X-Man
Quote1.png You are not allowed to judge here. You can't judge what you can't know, and what you will probably never know. That's all that can truly be said. Quote2.png
--The Next X-Man
Quote1.png I know that what you have given me is friendship, and I couldn't ask for more. But I'd like to raise the stakes a bit. I'm asking for more. I'm asking for love. Are you willing? Could you? would you go that far? Quote2.png
--The Next X-Man (as Peter Shade)
Quote1.png The greatest thing you have is family. Never forget that. I am artificial. I have no family. Creators and templates are as close as I get. I have suffered for that. But you should not have to. Quote2.png
--The Next X-Man
Quote1.png People may not believe in heaven. But beyond a doubt, there is a hell. Everyone has their own, so why is there a difference in these beliefs? Obviously, both are existent, there isn't one definitive one, but both heaven and hell are around, without a doubt. Quote2.png

But an angel I am not...

Quote1.png So many people try to be me or possess me. It's understandable. I am power. But no one truly knows my hell. I feel little emotion besides anger and love, and these are two of the worst. It leads to loss and misunderstanding, and violence. Do I enjoy being me? Of course, I make a difference. But know this, every silver lining has its cloud. Quote2.png
Quote1.png Look, man, if you actually had eyeballs and half a psyche, and you saw the world the way most people see it, you and I wouldn't be here now. Give it up, I've not been defeated yet, and you certainly won't be the first one to do it. Quote2.png

My Exiles

I have been a huge fan of the Exiles since my early childhood. Alternate versions of characters healing bad realities to keep other realities good. What isn't cool about that? So, with that, here are all of the versions of my teams made with existing characters (each slider marks 1 team).


Favorite Character: Spider-Man

Other Favorite Characters: Too many to name!

*First Article: Sinister Six (Earth-616)

First Image: Photo of Overdrive with Big Wheel, use this link: Overdrive (Earth-616)/Gallery

First Gallery: Overdrive (Earth-616)/Gallery

First Blog Created: User blog:Uncanny X-Factor/Exiles anyone?. I may resume regularly posting new editions of this blog, so keep watching.

Favorite Teams: (in no particular order) eXiles, Weapon X, Young Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Avengers, Sinister Six

Favorite Universe: I love them all, but my top 5 are Earth-982, Earth-616, Earth-1610, Earth-928, and Earth-98193.

Current Projects

  • Taking care of unused images.


  • X-Factor is aware that he lives in the comic books he loves.
  • X-Factor is a published artist and comic writer.
  • X-Factor is a total chocoholic.
  • X-Factor thinks Wolverine is not used enough in comics.
  • X-Factor is an administrator on Marvel Fanon. (There's your freebie!)
  • X-Factor is a member of his reality's X-Men in the future.
  • X-Factor has had up to 4 pets at one time.
  • X-Factor finds Deadpool completely cool.
  • One of X-Factor's favorite character twists is gender-switching.
  • X-Factor tested himself for mutant powers when he was 13.
  • 3 of these are true. Which are they?

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