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  • Is the Spear considered as a branch of a greater brotherhood or an independent group all the way ?

When ?

Hydra ordered all its agents to track and kill the man called D.E.A.T.H..[1]

listing the possible links with the Hand (likely to be removed if no relation found)

Organization TemplateOrganization Template
Organization Aliases
The East[2]


Organization Identity


Base of Operations
The East

Organization Leader(s)
Formerly possibly Zhang Heng

Former Members
Zhang Heng and his disciple (possibly), Last Caliphate

First appearance




Alien Legacy

In a prehuman time, a cabal of cold-blooded alien reptiles arrived on Earth, planning to start a legacy of evil. They planted the seed that would later gave birth to future evil empires.[3]

Sickly Ones and the Hand

Allegedly four billion years ago, the "founding fathers" of what is known as the Hand started their activism, worshiping the Beast and killing what lived. Under various forms, they carried on their mission: "Dishonor God by destroying what he's made".[4]

Later known as the Sickly Ones, they would wait almost four billions years for some chosen one individual.[5]

Despite its multi-billion years old origin, the Hand has been stated to be an organization tracking back to feudal times,[4] originated from 800 years ago,[6] sometimes in the 10th century,[7] or from the end of the 16th century.[8] The Nail allegedly operated for thousands of years.[9]

Early history

This category is for pre-formation and/or early years of the Spear.

Ancient Egypt

End of the Second Dynasty

In 2620 B.C., the Brood attacked Egypt and killed Pharaoh Khasekhemwy Khasekhemui, ending the Second Great Dynasty. Imhotep led a coalition of warriors,[10] including En Sabah Nur and the Moon Knight, and annihilated the aliens.[1]

Imhotep's Shield remained in the West, leading to the formation of the Brotherhood of the Shield. His Spear went to East, where it resided.[10]

Third Dynasty

For modern records, the earliest origins of Hydra date back to the Third Dynasty of Egypt.[11]


Han Dynasty

In 114 A.D., during the Han Dynasty, Zhang Heng had possession of the Spear. He met with the pregnant Celestial "Madonna" and avoided the consumption of Earth or the Moon for nourishment of the infant Celestial by suggesting the use of the Sun as gestation place.[10]

Zhang Heng used the spear on some occasions, using to enforce the Brotherhood's goals and protect his country.[1]


In 934[12]

Hand and Snakeroot originated sometimes in the 10th century,[7]

Corruption and Hydra birth

Thanks to alien reptiles' evil seed,[3] both part of the greater Brotherhood became corrupted: while the West, the Brotherhood of the Shield, turned inwards and devoured itself, the East flew apart, dissipating itself generations after generations.[2] The Eastern Brotherhood of the Spear, now simply referred by its enemy, the Shield, as the Beast,[13] spread out, ingraining itself into all facets of human society - science, magic, politics - like a multi-headed monster.[3]

"The three greatest ones of Asia rest, from minaret to monarchy flow the hidden knowledge, navigation and the last caliphate"
-- Nostradamus' prediction[13]

At the height of the East, the Last Caliphate, the three brothers of Causality (the embodiment of branching time: What is, what has come before, what will be) were hidden away at the request of the Forever Man (Michelangelo).[2]

The Hand was allegedly a cadre of ninjas, thieves and assassins formed over 800 years ago to fight the oppressive system of feudal Japan, later falling to corruption and darkness[6] when they were corrupted by the Snakeroot clan.[6]

Another account stated the Hand started in 1575, in Kyushu, with Kagenobu Yoshioka who killed a foreigner threatening his mother. The blame went to her, and Kagenobu was taken in custody of Saburo Ishiyama who trained him in the ways of the Samuraï at the Ishiyama School.[14] A masterless Samuraï, Kagenobu served Japan, opposing corruption and injustice for three years. At his sensei's death, he return to the School to lead it in 1588, offering a role of co-leader to his former rival Daisuke Sasaki.

Learning that the Daimyos implemented regulations to the schools, Kagenobu decided to send messengers to other like-minded schools and form a secret society opposing the government,[15] causing the resurgence of the Hand that year.[7] In autumn 88, he attacked a foreigner ship in Kyushu, slaughtering the whole crew.[15] In summer 1590, the Inner Circle of the Hand gathered at the Ishiyama School. Kagenoby later accepted Eliza Martinez, a half-breed Japanese girl, to join the school, using her father to gather information but growing feeling for her.[8] On autumn 1592, she was accepted among the Hand (and in Kagenobu's bed). Soon, the Hand grew this large that it became hard to control it: Communication between the sects broke off, Hand agents sold their skill as mercenaries and committing crimes against Japanase, rumors or dissension. Eliza's lineage was revealed to some, and in 1594, Hand members tried to kill her, seeing her as a disease infecting the Hand and corrupting Kagenobu. Kagenobu confronted Saski (who had called the Inner Circle to discuss the Hand without Kagenobu), killed his rival and soon confronted the Inner Circle.[16] Despite killing many members, the duo was defeated, and ended their lives rather than be killed by their enemies. The remaining Inner Circle members then brought them back to life, using the resurrection ritual for the first time, as the Hand's deadly weapons.[17]

18th Century

After the Renaissance, all references to the ancient organization of Hydra ceased to appear.[11]

20th Century

World War II

"From the East the Spear falls to the Beast,
It shall call to the blood of the Gorgon,
And for a time it will fall silent,
Then it shall burn brilliant, betrayal and vengeance!
-- Nostradamus' prediction[13]

The Nazis acquired the Spear of Imhotep, possibly from or with the help of the Japan Emperor, Hirohito.[13] The Spear was at some point acquired by Baron Strucker.[18]


Sometime before 1941,[19] Nazi operative Baron Wolfgang von Strucker birthed the modern Hydra organization as his personal paramilitary force, secretly created without Hitler's knowledge.[20]

In 1941 Strucker was contacted by the cabal of ninjas known as the Hand, which had just broken a long time agreement with the crime mastermind Romulus and wanted to form new alliances.[21][22] At that time, the Hand was trying to capture young Russian killer Natalia Romanova to turn her into their Master Assassin; to show his loyalty to the Hand, Strucker approached and kidnapped Natalia, bringing her to Madripoor as a gift for the ninjas.[21][23]

However, Strucker did not know that Natalia, secretly an agent of Romulus, was given the mission to kill the Jonin of the Hand, and she was ready to accomplish her destiny during the Hand's ritual that would have elected her as the Master Assassin;[21] however, Logan, another agent of Romulus who had trained and saved Natalia several times, popped up from shadow and killed the Jonin instead, avoiding to make the young Natalia a killer again. Captain America and Ivan Petrovich helped Logan fighting the Hand, while Strucker escaped in the battle's chaos.[21][23]

Later in 1941, Strucker directed a secret Hydra operation in Tunisia, using as a cover another Nazi operation on the same place.[20] He was attacked by Captain America, his sidekick Bucky and Logan, but the Strucker killed by Bucky was just an impersonator; Logan found and nearly killed Strucker, but he was stopped from a call by Seraph, who ordered him to protect the Baron, with whom Romulus had made an agreement.[24]

Strucker was captured by the United States Army, freed by Logan and later rescued by his Nazi ally Baron Heinrich Zemo, who had arrived in Tunisia with support troopes.[25]

Formation of modern Hydra

Sometime before 1943,[26] the leader of Nazi's Thule Society, the Red Skull, after having seen how Hitler's Reich was falling in pieces, started creating a secret organization in Japan merging several underground Japanese societies, including the Hand, with fugitive members of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.[27][28]

This organization operated in the Pacific Ocean, directed by a Shinto Imperialist,[29][30] while in Germany Strucker was leader of both Red Skull's Thule Society and of Hydra.[31]

After having failed several missions, Adolf Hitler ordered Baron von Strucker's death.[32][30] He then contacted Red Skull, who helped him escaping from Germany to Japan, where he joined the Skull's organization, renamed it Hydra,[7] and killed its Supreme Leader, seizing control of the organization and merging it with its own Hydra.[29][30][33][27] As the Supreme Hydra, Strucker created the Hydra Base Tsunami, better known as the Hydra Island.[34][27]

See Hydra for more information about the organization created by Red Skull and Baron Strucker.



Hydra was subsumed by the Reich, instead of their intent of using the Nazis to further their own goals.[36] The Red Skull virtually took control of Hydra from its leaders, as Fenhoff pledged loyalty to him, Arnim Zola had already joined their ranks before,[30] Heinrich Zemo was dead and the Kraken was in hiding. He forced Captain America to pledged loyalty as well, offering to save him and Elisa Sinclair. Steve reluctantly accepted.[36] Then, the Skull merged Sinclair's Hydra with the also already existent Baron Strucker's Hydra.[37]

After Elisa informed him that the Allies were building the Cosmic Cube,[36] they went to England where she explained him the full extent of the Cube's powers and what would happen then, urging Steve to join the Pacific theater of the War and meet Kraken.[38]

In Japan, Captain America met Kraken who led him to Ashomia and introduced him to "the Father" Isaac Newton.[39]

As the Allies were using their Cosmic Cube to reshape reality for them to win the war over Hydra, Kraken and the Father briefed Captain America on his future, and he went into Nostradamus' divining pool which protected him from the alteration, sending him into the altered version of himself.[39]

Elisa Sinclair escaped the alteration by unknown means, though she promised Steve that to be reunited with him, she wold call upon the Elder Gods, consult the forbidden books and would even sell her own soul to achieve the goal.[38]


In 1956, the Brotherhood of the Shield underwent a schism, ending with the retreat of Isaac Newton in the future, along with the Celestial Star Child. In order to pursue them, Michelango, Leonardo da Vinci, Leonid, Nathaniel Richards, Howard Stark, Nostradamus and Nikola Tesla awakened the Last Caliphate, and together, they used the Human Machine to travel to the future.[2]

1961: Pieta

In 1961, Shield's Grandmaster Leonardo da Vinci organized several important people in spionage's world in a loose partnership known as the Great Wheel of Zodiac. Led by Da Vinci himself as Aries, the Wheel included the Nick and Jake Fury, Hydra's leader Baron von Strucker, Hand's Grandmaster Shoji Soma, Leviathan's founders Viktor Uvarov and Vasili Dassiev, Thomas Davidson, Timothy Dugan, John Garrett, Cornelius van Lunt and Spear's agent Daniel Whitehall.[18][40]

The Great Wheel accomplished several missions for Aries, including the discover of The Brood's alien technology in Egypt, Zargos Mountains and France.[18] In France, the Fury brothers and Thomas Davidson found the Brood's replicant technology, which originated the first two Life-Model Decoys, the ones of Jake Fury and Thomas Davidson.[41] However, Uvarov and Dassiev started operating behind the scenes using the alien technology for Leviathan's own purposes, betraying the Great Wheel after having learned from Davidson how to activate Pieta's secret protocols. As a consequence, the Wheel later disbanded.[18]

"We are committed. If we lose one hand, two more will take his place.
-- Grandmaster Shoji Soma[18]

After the breaking of the Great Wheel, Strucker's Hydra and Soma's Hand allied to attack Leviathan, and the Spear was used to stab Viktor Uvarov. It was seemingly left behind, and its subsequent fate is unknown.[18]

Soon after having become director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Fury recruited former Great Wheel member Thomas Davidson to built the organization's new technological setup based on the old Leviathan's system, themselves based on original Pieta's protocols. Then, Fury sent the duplicate of Davidson created by Brood's technology in France as an undercover member in Hydra. This way, Strucker learned from "Davidson" how to have access into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s systems and used the protocols to secretly observe the organization's activities; Strucker also had "Davidson" building the entire Hydra's technology spying system, them also based on Pieta's protocols. This way, the real Davidson easily had access to Hydra systems, and Fury used them to observe Hydra while Hydra was observing S.H.I.E.L.D.[41]

21st Century

Hand-Hydra alliance / Hydra Civil War

Legendary Hydra agent Kraken went (on his own) to Kobe, Japan, and gave the Godkiller blade to Tomi Shishido, aka the Gorgon, to help him achieve his destiny.[42] Gorgon then went to the Hand and committed suicide (in order to be resurrected).[5]

Gorgon became the High Priest of the Hand, their leader, and allied the Hand and the Brotherhood splinter group the Dawn of the White Light (that he formerly led as well) with Hydra.[43]

Elsbeth von Strucker soon considered Gorgon as being the one awaited by the Sickly Ones.[5]

As Gorgon left to follow their goals in leading Hydra, "ushering in the end with infinite resources", the sickly masters of the Hand erected a resurrected "Elektra" as a queen to rule from the East. Elektra, along with Wolverine, soon killed the masters and decimated the Hand's ranks.[4]


After the invasion of Earth by Thanos,[44] in which the super-powered team Dynasty was decimated,[45] China realized their lack of defense ressources, it instated S.P.E.A.R., which became its premier first response and intelligence gathering organization, with over one hundred and fifty thousands operatives, and the Ascendants super-powered team.[44]

The New High Council of Hydra

Madame Hydra, Elisa Sinclair reappeared after Steve's memories were altered (or restored, from his perspective) by Kobik.[46]

She came to Tomi Shishido, offering him to restore his empire, the Spear in the East, by joining the new Hydra High Council,[35] along with Zola, Faustus, the new Kraken, Hive, Viper and Captain America.[36]

Commanding S.H.I.E.L.D., Captain America, helped by Elisa, the High Council, and infiltrators in both S.H.I.E.L.D.[38] and A.I.M.,[47] was able to take overtake the agency and the USA, while recalling Hydra of its past, rejecting both the Red Skull's influence and the Wheel of Pieta, intending to rule it instead.[38]



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