Small Update

As some may have noticed, I haven't gotten a chance to edit as much I would care to over this past semester. Thankfully, the semester is almost over, and on May 18th I will have officially received my MS in Electrical Engineering. That should free up a pretty good portion of my time. -- WhyBother 01:11, 14 May 2007 (UTC)

A Little About Me

I'm a 23 year old grad student in Austin, Texas. BA in Electrical Engineering, working on my masters in Electromagnetic and Acoustics Engineering (which are basically the same thing -- apparently waves are waves). Wish me luck.

As far as comics go, I've been collecting Amazing Spider-Man for years, got into the Fantastic Four in recent years. I'm something of a completionist: even if tpbs are slightly cheaper sometimes, I prefer having the individual issues, and all of 'em. That especially goes for:

  • Anything 2099 (Hey, I was a kid in the 90's, and I have a soft spot for alterniverse characters who I'll apparently never see again. Yes, even Ravage, who at the very least proved you don't need to have an "original" Ravage to justify calling yourself "Ravage 2099".)
  • Anything Age of Apocalypse (Same deal, although I wish I'd realized how cool it was when it originally came out and I didn't have to look for 'em at shows.)
  • All the House of M titles
  • Those early 90s annuals. You know the ones: each one introduced a new character, complete with trading card, who you never saw again. Except for Annex, and I think X-ecutioner was in there too. They could at least bring back Nocturne and Lyjan for another issue or two. (Yes, I plan to add these to the database at some point. Except for X-treme. I have no idea what was up with X-treme.)
  • Midnight Sons titles like Darhold and Morbius: The Living Vampire (have everything but issue 31)
  • Spike Freeman's X-Force/X-Statix (a perfect example of completionism)
  • Exiles (a current favorite)
  • Cable & Deadpool (hilarious)

This also includes a lot of the smaller things you probably won't see (or want to see) again

  • Slingers (Spider-Man went into 'hiding' for a while and adopted not 1, but 4 alternate aliases. Seeing no point in letting all that go to waste later, Marvel gave 4 teens the appropriate costumes and powers)
  • Spider-Woman (the one who got he powers from the Gathering of Five)

1993 Annuals Update

Apparently I spoke to soon about those characters not getting a fair shake:

  • Annex (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #27) -- armor allows him to form energy into complex 3D shapes, be they weapons or a replacement for his amputated leg -- got a 4 issue comic
  • Blood Wraith (Avengers Annual #22) -- Black Knight's squire, who stole his Ebony Blade, also appeared in a few more comics (5 Avengers books, 3 Namor, and Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising)
  • Darkling (New Warriors Annual #3) -- control over Darkforce, supposedly appeared in more New Warriors titles, and even a couple of Thunderbolts issues.
  • Cadre (a team of Vortex, Dementia, and Shard) -- Aerial controlling, mind-affecting, and spike-throwing (respectively) trio of aliens -- got one more shot in an issue of Moon Knight
  • Nocturne (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #13) -- mute, winged, clawed and capable of controlling her hair like medusa -- had two appearances as officer Angela Cairn before she was transformed into Nocture, and had two appearances after (during which she managed to "tame" Puma and he joined up with her)
  • Kyllian (not Lyjan as I for some reason remembered him) (Doctor Strange Annual #3) heir to an ancient Irish curse, as well as druidic magic -- got a few more Dr. Strange appearances as his disciple, then decided to join up with Mordred instead.
  • X-Cutioner (Uncanny X-Men Annual #17) -- uses a collection of weapons from the X-Men's worst enemies -- got an entire X-Men story arc
  • Tracer (Deathlok Annual #2) -- genius weapons designer and nutball -- has returned to some prominence in recent issues of Spider-Man.
  • Legacy (Silver Surfer Annual #6) -- Son and heir of Captain Marvel -- a.k.a. Genis-Vell became the current Captain Marvel/Photon
  • Devourer (Daredevil Annual # 9) wolf-like man possessed by a Mayan Serpent god -- two more Daredevil appearances

That just leaves, among the number of characters never seen or heard from again:

  • Bantam (Captain America Annual #12) -- super-powered ex-boxer
  • Charon (X-Factor Annual #8) Made a deal with the Devil to destroy X-Factor
  • Wild Streak (Fantastic Four Annual #26) -- ex-olympic gymnast with an ability-enhancing costume -- one Thunderstrike appearance.
  • Dreamkiller (Dawkhawk Annual #3) violent member of Sleepwalker's race
  • Hitmaker (Wonderman Annual #2) -- given an exo-skeleton by a powerful criminal organization, but refused to become a hitman for the,
  • The Assassin (Namor Annual #3) robotic killing machine constructed by Apocalypse
  • Lazarus (Incredible Hulk Annual #19) resurrected, revenge-bound telekinetic
  • The Flame (Thor Annual #18) -- half-elfin, half-fire demon warlord -- got one more Thor annual and another regular issue.
  • Face Thief (Iron Man annual #14) identity-stealing Japanese demon
  • Phalanx (Punisher War Journal Annual # 1) armored vigilante
  • Irish Wolfhound (Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #3) folkloric Irish warrior
  • Khaos (Excalibur Annual #1) -- "teknomagical", Extra-dimensionsal being
Add to your description that he's a dual-sword wielding, dark-skinned, white-haired guy, and we have a Drizz't clone. There's a reason you'll never see him again (they'd probably get sued). --Squirrelloid 19:32, 12 January 2007 (UTC)
  • Raptor (Avengers West Coast Annual #8) Griffin-bodied mutant
  • Night Terror (Ghost Rider Annual #1) Vampiric ex-merc
  • Empyrean (X-Men Annual #2) parasitic mutant feeding of the energies of his wards in his Legacy Virus "leper colony"
  • Eradikator 6 (Punisher Annual #6) -- killing machine
  • and X-treme (X-Force Annual #?) -- I can only imagine. All I know is that he has armor, looks powerful, but wears a backwards baseball cap, and has a ponytail. You do the math. and Do the Dew.

Don't be sad... 'cause 10 out of 27 ain't bad.


Oh, and another kinda-cool comic-realted thing: back when they started cartoons for Spider-Man they had animation cells included in a number of issues. They did the same thing when they started Iron Man and Fantastic Four cartoons, except they also had a contest. Won second place, got an animation cell used in the cartoon. Granted, there are thousands of those, but still kind of cool.

My hope is to take some of the comics I have, re-read them, take a few notes and post. Unfortunately, my little experiment with Morbius #2 showed me just how long that takes. It's going to be slow going this semester.

Project Goals

I find I tend to be most useful when I set milestones. To that end here's the next few things I hope to accomplish:

  • Marvel Knights 2099 -- the six issues of the mini, plus the relevant Marvel Team-Up issues., followed by a polish-up of the universe page.
  • Obituaries -- dead characters are really easy to write histories for; they're done, no updates needed. I have planned:
  • Marvel monsters -- cover the ones given in the book based off of other databases, the Marvel Monsters handbook, the Marvel Legacy handbooks, reprints, and Howling Commandos.
    • status: good progress, then got waylayed. Research takes longer for some then others.
  • Wild West Marvel -- getting excited by the idea, but it's a lot of material I've never read through. Still, it'd be nice to have.
  • Doc Samson mini
    • Good starting point -- short, complete, introduced new characters that probably won't be seen of a while. Overall, a good place to cut one's teeth. Need to add cover images (minus text and all), need to scan in "unnecessary but good to have" images, and scan the books for quotations that would be good for the database. Some characters are so minor (Leonard Samson of Earth-617) that one wonders if they need their own page, but then again, they have about as much story behind them as the more major characters (like Tina Punnett).
  • Marvel Zombies mini
    • Done with comics, maybe should go back and add Ultimate FF comics, then polish up universe info. I'll probably wait until the end of the "Frightful" story arc, when the last of the zombies should be taken care of. Needs cover scans (with text and all), auxilliary images, quotations, lists of zombified characters and what happened to them. The question is... do we add character pages for alternates?
  • Annihilation, Civil War, House of M, Decimation, Age of Apocalypse
    • File these under "have (will have) all the comics, but man it's a lot of them", or briefly, "Big Crossover Arcs". Would be nice to do, but others will probably end up doing it first due to the popularity of the projects.
  • Godzilla and Killraven -- Essential collections that I can actually read (as opposed to gleaning from other databases), and thus enter into our database.
  • Exiles, X-Statix, and Cable & Deadpool -- Comics I currently read or have read from the beginning. Need to sift through them and enter them in the database.

Added to all this... I've been looking over the mediawiki php codebase. There should be a way to code up an "appearance" tag for quickly/dynamically generating chronologies. Unfortunately, it looks like it would require duplicating a good deal of the Category code to make it work. Just having a category page for each character's chronology would be easier, but less flexible and useful. On the other hand, if a tag could be developed, it would serve just as well for automating galleries and Marvel Staff credit lists. I'll look into it more.

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