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Official Marvel Designation First Appearance Brief Description/Notes
Earth-101001[1] The reality of the Marvel Anime television series. Includes Iron Man, X-Men, Wolverine and Blade.
Earth-103173[1] Prelude to Deadpool Corps Vol 1 3 The home reality of Dogpool, a Dog version of Deadpool who was used to test Mascara X on. Dogpool developed the ability to heal from any wound, but before his lab owners could discover this, they abandoned him for dead, dumping him in a dumpster. He made his way to the circus, where he became their star until the Deadpool of 616 showed up and recruited him for the Deadpool Corps.
Earth-105709[2] What If Vol 2 9 In this reality, the old and new X-Men teams died on their mission against Krakoa.
Earth-107342[1] Avengers Vol 3 42 An alternate future in which Black Panther's plot against Killmonger resulted in the crash of the world economy.
Earth-111347[1] Fantastic Four Vol 3 47 The Reed Richards of this reality became Doctor Doom.
Earth-112001[1] US War Machine Vol 1 1 A reality where the U.S. War Machine is a S.H.I.E.L.D division which opposes terrorism.
Earth-113500[1] Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 500 In the year 2052, Mandarin managed to take over the World, using technology he forced an enslaved and tortured Tony Stark to design and build.
Earth-115000[1] Avengers Vol 3 42 A reality where mutants conquered Earth.
Earth-120185[3] Transformers (UK) Vol 1 1 The reality of the Marvel UK version of Transformers. The sentient robot Autobots fight a war against the Decepticons.
Earth-120703[1] Amazing Spider-Man Film April 2012 Poster Reality of The Amazing Spider-Man film. Includes the first film, and tie-in video game.
Earth-121111[1] Defenders Vol 4 11 A reality where Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, and Sue and Johnny Storm were killed by cosmic ray exposure during their space flight. Shown by John Aman of Earth-616.
Earth-121347[4] GhostRider Poster Reality of the Ghost Rider films. Includes Ghost Rider, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, and the tie-in video game for the first movie.
Earth-121698[4] Fantastic Four (film) poster 001 Reality of the Fantastic Four film series. Includes Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and tie-in video games Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.
Earth-121893[1] X-Men Animated Series Vol 2 Bishop disrupted the release of Apocalypse's plague, but Cable succeeds in both ensuring the release of the plague, but also its almost immediate cure. This changed both his and Bishop's timelines and caused Earth-121893 to be created. Bishop gets a plague free timeline without Sentinel domination, and Cable gets a reality almost identical to his original one, except that the plague was swiftly stopped.
Earth-130000[1] X-Force Vol 1 100 A reality where Stryfe and the Mutant Liberation Front killed Cable and Cannonball. The X-Force gained vengeance, but were wanted as criminals for innocents getting in the crossfire.
Earth-135263[1] Fantastic Four World's Greatest Heroes DVD Vol 1 The reality of the Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes cartoon series. The Fantastic Four are super powered heroes who fight villains and explore the universe and beyond.
Earth-148611[5] DP7 Vol 1 1 New Universe - The World Outside Your Window. A reality where life had always been relatively "normal." That is until a White Event--a flash of light in the sky--started creating paranormals.
Earth-167710[1] No Image Available A reality populated by unique flora and fauna, including mobile floral creatures. Featured in the October 16, 1977 edition of the syndicated Howard the Duck newspaper comic strip.
Earth-187319[6] Exiles Vol 1 95 Doctor Doom brought an end to hunger and disease during the late 20th century of this reality, so the world followed his leadership from then on. Everyone who resented and eventually thought of revolt were killed or happened to disappear. Some were even recruited into the Four Fantastics. The Exiles show up and half of them help to liberate the planet alongside Reed Richards so that Doom wouldn't eventually conquer the Multiverse.
Earth-198234[1] What If? Vol 1 34 The Daredevil of this reality was deaf instead of blind.
Earth-199406[1] What If Vol 2 62 A reality where Logan escaped capture by the Weapon X Project and never got bonded to adamantium. Weapon X instead chose former mounty and Marine Guy Desjardins for the program. Guy (now codenamed Weapon X) immediately went on a killing spree until eventually he faced Logan and Alpha Flight. Logan fiercely battled Weapon X, eventually removing his helmet and decapitating Desjardins.

Earth-199606[1] What If Vol 2 86 In this reality, after the birth of May Parker, the Green Goblin activated a failsafe that had been placed in the brain of Peter Parker by the Jackal that programmed him to kill Mary Jane. Scarlet Spider is forced to kill Spider-Man and assumed his identity.
Earth-199673[1] The Invincible Iron Man The reality of The Invincible Iron Man animated film. Iron Man attempts to prevent the return of the Mandarin.
Earth-199999[1] Ironmanposter The Marvel Cinematic Universe. This reality includes the Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers films.
Earth-200080[1] Marvel Boy Vol 2 1 The home reality of Protector, previously known as Marvel Boy.
Earth-200111[4] Fury Vol 2 1 In a reality without super-heroes, an intensely violent Frank Castle seeks to punish criminals by any means necessary as revenge for the murder of his family. Nick Fury battled against Hydra in the Cold War.
Earth-200500[4] Wha...Huh? Vol 1 1 In this reality, all of the Avengers had beards, regardless of gender.
Earth-200501[1] Wha...Huh? Vol 1 1 An alternate Earth-1610 (Ultimate Universe), where various heroes were in elementary-school.
Earth-200502[1] Wha...Huh? Vol 1 1 A reality where President Andrew Jackson replaced Ben Grimm in Reed Richard's space flight. After helping form the Fantastic Four, President Jackson participated many of the Fantastic Four's early battles, including the first battles with the Mole Man, Doctor Doom, Sub-Mariner, and Galactus.
Earth-200503[1] Wha...Huh? Vol 1 1 Brian Michael Bendis had the Stan Lee of this reality become the writer for the Ultimate Spider-Man comic. Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada realized that Brian had Stan Lee do an exact reprint of Amazing Fantasy #15.

Earth-200504[1] Wha...Huh? Vol 1 1 A reality where the internet existed in 1975. Comic fans posted on a message board about various Marvel comic-related topics.
Earth-200505[4] Wha...Huh? Vol 1 1 The Black Panther of this reality was Caucasian.
Earth-200506[1] Wha...Huh? Vol 1 1 The Petunia Grimm of this reality was murdered, causing many heroes to find her killer. It was revealed to be the Impossible Man, who was then killed by new hero Identity Girl.
Earth-200507[4] Wha...Huh? Vol 1 1 A reality where major super-villains decided to switch heroes to fight to better conquer them. They ultimately end up killing their targeted heroes with little to no effort.
Earth-200508[1] Wha...Huh? Vol 1 1 The Wolverine of this reality somehow gained the ability to enter other universes. He ventured into the Archie Comics universe and killed Reggie Mantle, then to the Pokémon universe and killed Yugi (from Yu-Gi-Oh!), and finally to an anime universe and killed a female there.
Earth-200509[4] Wha...Huh? Vol 1 1 The Galactus of this reality got food poisoning from eating Ego the Living Planet.
Earth-200510[1] Wha...Huh? Vol 1 1 When the Bryan Hitch and Mark Millar of this reality took over working on the Spider-Man comic, the series was cancelled and was intended to be re-solicited at a later date.
Earth-200511[1] Wha...Huh? Vol 1 1 The M.O.D.O.K. of this reality had an itch that he couldn't scratch due to the immense size of his head.

Earth-200512[1] Wha...Huh? Vol 1 1 The Marvel and DC Comics of this reality agreed to do a Batman/Daredevil crossover, causing the realm known as Hell to completely freeze over.
Earth-200513[1] Wha...Huh? Vol 1 1 Reed Richard's rocket group made it to the moon in this reality, and gained powers after going through a cosmic ray storm. However, because there was no oxygen on the moon, they all died.
Earth-200514[1] Wha...Huh? Vol 1 1 The Stan Lee of this reality did not break into comics, and spent the rest of life trying to break into comics.
Earth-200515[1] Wha...Huh? Vol 1 1 An alternate earth where the Marvel heroes aged in real time.
Earth-200516[1] Wha...Huh? Vol 1 1 A reality where the internet existed in 1965, during which many comic fans discussed on a message board on the state of the comic books of the day.
Earth-200517[1] Wha...Huh? Vol 1 1 The Victor von Doom of this reality became a villain named Doctor Strange, while the Stephen Strange of this reality took up the mystic arts using the name Doctor Doom.
Earth-200518[1] Wha...Huh? Vol 1 1 In this reality, people who read comic books could get women. Despite this, many of the comic book fans were still unable to get girlfriends.
Earth-200519[1] Wha...Huh? Vol 1 1 In this reality, people who draw comic books could get women. Despite this, the Jim Mahfood of this reality was still unable to find a girlfriend.
Earth-200520[1] Wha...Huh? Vol 1 1 The Werewolf by Night of this reality had his powers were altered, forcing him to transform into a wolf-like state in the daylight, instead of the moonlight. He soon after began to be referred to as the Werewolf by Day and eventually got an office job and a family.
Earth-200521[1] Wha...Huh? Vol 1 1 The Ghost Rider decided to be more eco-friendly and replaced his motorcycle with a bicycle.
Earth-200522[1] Wha...Huh? Vol 1 1 A reality where the internet existed in 1985, with Marvel fans posting various topics on a message board.
Earth-200523[1] Wha...Huh? Vol 1 1 The Namor of this reality suddenly became very worried about his body and how he looked to other people.
Earth-200524[4] Wha...Huh? Vol 1 1 The Cyclops of this reality got an eye infection. Every time he tried to fire an optic blast, he fired a bunch of blood from his visor due to the infection.

Earth-200525[1] Wha...Huh? Vol 1 1 The Emma Frost of this reality read the mind of Nick Thompson, and found it repulsive.
Earth-200526[1] Wha...Huh? Vol 1 1 The Punisher of this reality grew up with many privileges and took it upon himself to help others as the Punisher. One night, after seeing two thugs beating up an old lady, Castle tried to talk to the boys, who immediately shot him down and left him for dead. As the Punisher died, he thought to himself how boys like the thugs needed people like him more than ever.
Earth-200527[4] Wha...Huh? Vol 1 1 The Hulk of this reality was bitten by a radioactive spider, gaining the powers of a spider and using them to become the superhero Spider-Man.
Earth-200528[1] Wha...Huh? Vol 1 1 The Mark Millar of this reality never became a comic book writer, and became a homeless bum.
Earth-200529[4] Wha...Huh? Vol 1 1 In this reality, someone else killed Ben Parker, while the Burglar went on to kill someone else, causing the multiverse to achieve a final balance.
Earth-200781[4] Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four Vol 1 25 The reality where Victor von Doom became a superhero named Doc Iron after a paranoid and delusional Reed Richards formed the Frightful Four.
Earth-200782[4] Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four Vol 1 25 In this reality the mission into space led by Reed Richards, did not have sufficient shielding to counter the cosmic rays. This mutated their bodies, with Susan Storm turning into a hulking rock-like thing. It also transformed the microscopic germs inside their bodies. The cosmic ray-irradiated germs became lethal bacteria, developing into an incurable disease that killed every male human on the planet. Taking the moniker of Ms. Fantastic, Susan Storm led the scientific search for a cure and also led the Femmetastic Four.
Earth-200783[4] Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four Vol 1 25 The Fantastic Four of this reality where led by Spider-Man.

Earth-200784[4] Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four Vol 1 25 A reality where the Fantastic Four's battles with Dr. Doom are musicals.
Earth-201163[1][7] The Mighty Avengers The Faces of Justice A reality where the Avengers fought villains such as Loki and Baron Zemo. This reality differs than that of Earth-616 in which that Captain America was a founding member of the Avengers and Iron Man was in his Extremis armor at the time of its founding.
Earth-205117[1] X-Men Mutant Wars A reality where cyborgs terrorized the planet, and the X-Men believed that Magneto was behind them. It was revealed to be the doing of a cyborg clone of Apocalypse.
Earth-262626[1] Shame Itself Vol 1 1 In this reality, Margaret Mary Neato a.k.a. Magneto joined the X-Men but morphed into a goose.
Earth-312500[1] Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 500 In a possible future, a middle-aged Spider-Man on the run from the police. Eventually, he was confronted by the NYPD, and though he was given the choice to surrender and admit to his crimes, he refused. He fought the NYPD before finally being shot down and killed.
Earth-341983[4] What If? Vol 1 34 In this reality, Black Bolt and the Inhumans were in a rock band.
Earth-389694[1] Fantastic Four Vol 1 389 The Invisible Woman, Namor, and Thing of Earth-616 were all sent here by Aron the Watcher, who initially duped them into believing it to be a world destroyed by the Fantastic Four. New York City was now inhabited by savage tribesmen.
Earth-400005[4] The Incredible Hulk (1977 film) Poster 001 The reality of The Incredible Hulk 1977 television series and movies. Physician and scientist Dr. David Bruce Banner becomes the Hulk in moments of rage.
Earth-400083[4] Bruce Banner (Earth-400083) from Hulk (film) Poster 0001 The reality of the 2003 Hulk film and its tie-in material, including the video game sequel.


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