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ADour ADour 15 June 2021

Debuting the wiki's new image!

Hello, Marvelites of the Database. Hot off the heels of the site changes round-up (which you can read here), we decided to do a little something to coincide with the roll-out of the new FandomDesktop's opt-in.

You probably have noticed it already, but we've decied to revamp the wiki's image, with a snazzy new logo, icon and header (which is visible in FandomDesktop). The old logo was classic albeit outdated, so we felt it was appropriate to update it. For me, this was a fun opportunity to cross two of my passions, Marvel and graphic design. The header was also a fun thing to create, and it stems from the mosaic background we've had for a while in the oasis skin. Inspired by Marvel's own mosaic background used during their 80 Years promotion…

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ADour ADour 11 June 2021

Site changes round-up - June 2021

Hello, Marvelites of the Database. Over the last few months, the administrative team has been overhauling quite a few different aspects of the wiki to help organize and better reflect information across the platform.

To open up this round-up, I would like to once again welcome Pedronog and 1137a to the administrative team. Both of these long-standing and valuable users were recently voted into the positions of administrator and moderator as part of an overhaul of our staff. As part of this overhaul, I was also nominated by the rest of the administrators to become a bureaucrat. Needless to say, I'm grateful and honored to be in this position.

Now, into the other changes:

  • 1 Character Template
  • 2 Item Template
  • 3 Image Template
  • 4 Gallery Guidelines
  • 5 Link …

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ADour ADour 8 April 2021

Marvel Database Staff Overhaul

Hello, fellow contributors. I wanted to make use of this blog post to announce a few changes to the Marvel Database's staff of administrators and moderators. The biggest change will be the promotion of fellow users Pedronog and 1137a to administrator and moderator, respectively. Aside from that, a minor shake-up to the list of admins and mods will be reflected in the Administrators page.

I have also been nominated to take bureaucrat duties by other members of the staff, and I'm honored and very thankful that I've been chosen. The discussion took place in our Discord server, so we wanted to use this space to not only share the news, but also to show the approval from the other admins and mods for the adoption request.

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ADour ADour 1 September 2019

Happy 80th Anniversary, Marvel!

Eighty years ago this day (assuming you're in a time zone where it's still August 31, though to be fair I'm posting this fairly late), Timely Comics published , helping usher the Golden Age of Comic Books. That 10-cent comic book introduced the first of an endless pantheon of colorful super heroes, the original Human Torch, the Angel, the Sub-Mariner, the Masked Raider, and Ka-Zar.

In our end, we've been celebrating Marvel's 80th Anniversary for a while, with the mosaic background image we have been sporting for a while now. It's a collage meant to represent and commemorate all the different facets of Marvel not limited to comic books, including some snippets of Marvel's history in animated series, movies, toys, video games and more! It als…

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ADour ADour 17 March 2016

CIVIL WAR II: The sides are revealed

Over the past few days, Marvel gradually released a the folowing portofilo of teaser posters by Phil Noto which teased the different players that will take center stage in upcoming event Civil War II:

With the heroes having chosen a side, have you?

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