Freshly baked, here comes the trailer for Marvel's next big event:

Age of Ultron Trailer

Age of Ultron Trailer


I'll give mine: Glad to see they had time to work on some characters whose outdated costumes may cause continuity headaches, as Carol Danvers appears as Captain Marvel, a pitty they couldn't do something as easy as changing Spider-Man's blue parts of his suit to black, to help a little.

This surely looks epic, one of the reasons? My three favorite super heroes seem to have some protagonism here. Iron Man was featured in one of Marvel's posters and this trailer; Hawkguy not only appeared in the first cover but also in the previews of the first issue and this trailer; and finally: Moon Knight, who will have something to do because he appeared in the covers and the trailer and in his last volume, he faced some problems with an Ultron head.

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