Marvel Database

Hello, Marvelites of the Database. Hot off the heels of the site changes round-up (which you can read here), we decided to do a little something to coincide with the roll-out of the new FandomDesktop's opt-in.

You probably have noticed it already, but we've decied to revamp the wiki's image, with a snazzy new logo, icon and header (which is visible in FandomDesktop). The old logo was classic albeit outdated, so we felt it was appropriate to update it. For me, this was a fun opportunity to cross two of my passions, Marvel and graphic design. The header was also a fun thing to create, and it stems from the mosaic background we've had for a while in the oasis skin. Inspired by Marvel's own mosaic background used during their 80 Years promotional campaign, this header is meant to encapsulate the rich and far-reaching history of Marvel, displaying different facets of the company and its characters.

Marvel Database logo and banner 2021.jpg

I hope you like this new image for the site. See you all around and happy editing.