With all the blogs about fan-created universes going around, I thought I'd make one of my own and I'm hoping for positive feedback. My universe designation is Earth-4126, and the first team I will share, is the Avengers.

Captain America: The original Captain America, Steve Rogers, gained a life threatening disease after taking the super soldier serum. He was put in stasis until a cure could be found, little did he know that Peggy Carter was pregnant with his son. His son Alex, would grow up and have a son of his own, Rex Rogers. It was Rex who discovered the cure to his grandfather's disease, but the cure also drained the super soldier serum from his body. Rex managed to perfect the serum and become the new Captain America, using it to gain fame and fortune.

Iron Man: Tony Stark’s father, Howard, was increasingly distant from him as a child. Tony’s mother raised him to follow the rules and be nice to everyone around him. Tony followed his mother’s example and became a disciplined child. She died when he was ten, and he learned his father was a member of AIM. Tony then tried to impress his father by getting into trouble at school, but it just made Howard disappointed in him. When Tony was twenty-one, Howard was assassinated by Deadpool. Tony came across one of his father’s designs for a weapons suit and he decided to build it in order to make up for his father’s crimes. He becomes Iron Man and designs an AI named Jarvis. He was attracted to his secretary, Jessica Drew, but she is gay so he respected that and stopped hitting on her. He was a founding member of the Avengers and always played by the rules. He did not get along with Captain America and his punk-like attitude. He later dated Janet van Dyne after her break-up with Henry Pym.

Thor: Thor was reincarnated as a human in order to learn morality. However, his brother, Loki, refused and was reincarnated as a Frost Giant as punishment. As Donald Blake, Thor was eventually hired by Stark Industries as an astrologist, where he met Jane Foster. When they discovered an anomaly had landed in Kansas, they went to go investigate. Don was able to lift this mysterious hammer, which transformed him back into Thor. However, he decided to stay on Earth with Jane, who later became Valkyrie.

Hulk: Bruce Banner was a soldier for the army, and he dated General Ross's daughter, Betty. One day, he led an attack on Samuel Sterns's lab. When Banner tried to defeat Sterns solo, his guardbots knocked out Banner and he was thrown into a gamma waste dump, where he was mutated into the Hulk. When Ross discovered Banner was the Hulk, he became the government's greatest weapon.

Giant Man and Wasp: Henry Pym heard stories of Captain America when he was a child and he wanted to be just like him when he grew up. However, as Hank grew older he knew that wouldn’t happen so he dedicated his life to science. When he graduated he went to college and teamed up with fellow scientist, Janet van Dyne. Together they discovered Pym Particles and Hank convinced Janet to become a superhero with him, though she was hesitant. Hank loved being Ant-Man, but Janet wished they could just focus on their work. The two of them later participated in forming the Avengers. Hank was elected as the leader of the team because of his intellect and ability to get along with everyone, even the arrogant Captain America. It was Hank’s decision for the Avengers to join S.H.I.E.L.D., which eventually led to Janet breaking up with him. Hank wanted to get back together, but she was dating Iron Man, which left him heartbroken but he managed to keep his head in the game.

Ms. Marvel: Carol Danvers is the daughter of a Kree agent and a human. Her human father raised her after her mother returned to the Kree’s home dimension. They were very close and he raised her right, giving her things she wanted, but he didn’t spoil her. When Carol was sixteen she came out to her father and they maintained their close relationship. It was in college when she finally discovered her powers. She could fly, she had super strength, super speed, and she could blast lasers from her hands. Carol went to her father and he confessed that she was half-alien. She thought it was awesome and decided to become a superhero. When the Kree discovered Ms. Marvel they had Carol’s mother murder her father, which she regretfully did. Carol was heartbroken and she went into the Kree’s home dimension, stealing the crystal that allows them to travel between dimensions and brought it back to her dimension, cutting them off from Earth completely. When Carol joined the Avengers, she fell in love with Tony Stark’s secretary, Jessica Drew.

Hawkeye: This version of Hawkeye is a female. Her name is Clara Barton. Her father, Clint, was a former professional archer and he gave her some lessons and she eventually became better than he was. She then began using enhancement drugs that improved her eyesight by 10. Before she got the chance to go to college, she was offered the chance to join S.H.I.E.L.D. by Director Phil Coulson. She accepted the offer and became the leader of their Special Ops Team. She took the code-name Hawkeye and developed a crush on Lyndon Maxwell, the Black Widow. When Widow revealed himself to be a traitor, Clara was forced to kill him. When the Avengers joined S.H.I.E.L.D. Coulson placed her on the team, where she developed a crush on Hank Pym.

Black Widow: The original Black Widow, Lyndon Maxwell, was an African-American male and a member of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Special Ops Team. He later revealed himself as a double agent for HYDRA and was shot in the throat by Hawkeye. The second Black Widow is introduced later. Phil Coulson’s estranged wife, Natalia Romanova, had supposedly died in a shipwreck three years ago. She revealed that she had survived and she met a tribe who lived on the island and she was trained to fight. She also gave herself an array of weapons, including pistols, knives, and grenades. However, she no longer loves Phil and cheats on him with Captain America.

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