Super-Soldier neo origin

A new origin story for Super-Soldier. Instead of puting him with an origin mixed up with that of Superman, I made him a sort of anti-parody of George Washington. Also I will add extra stories in serials during certain days, I won't always do that though so keep in mind of that.

The story below is the origin of War-Lantern guy that I told you guys about in a previous blog. Similar to the Super-Soldier origin above, this character follows a more original background than the previous version with his name being based on Kyle Rayner and Frank Miller.


Kyle Miller, a comic book artist in New York Gotham. Born in Austin, Texas. At the age of 23, he had been a comic book fan for most of his life and he had just drawn a character combinding the elements of 2 of his favorite superheroes: War Machine and Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) and gave the character the name "War-Lantern". Soon, A lightning bolt struck Miller's house and knocked him off of his seat. While he was in a coma, his character transformed into a black gauntlet with green highlights and trims. He woke up in the morning, dozed and confused. He saw the gauntlet with it's special glow. Kyle kept thinking this would make him a superhero (funny that he was right). He put the gauntlet on and transformed into the very same character that he drew during the night. He had become "War-Lantern".

He was given the abilities to create weapons (e.g. through a range of mostly range-weapons) out of pure will (including ammunition) through the use of his War-Lantern gauntlet.

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