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2099 Reviews: The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

The Amazing Spider-Man is a 2012 film that serves as the first film in a two-film series.

  1. Its portrayal of Spider-Man:
    1. The suit is pretty cool, with the sunglasses lenses and light-up web-shooters.
    2. Unlike the previous actor Tobey Macguire, Andrew Garfield looks more like the Peter Parker from the comics.
  2. Direct references to the Ultimate Spider-Man comic.
  3. The fight scenes are awesome.

  1. The dark, gitty tone of the film, as well as the parents subplot, really makes it seem more like a Batman movie.
  2. Peter seems too much of a "cool" guy, even riding a skateboard.
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The Beginnings of Eras

Here is a chronological list of superheroes and when they first appeared in the world.

  • 1962, August - Spider-Man
  • 1963, September - X-Men
  • 1988, April - Venom
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BatFan2099's Marvel Universe

This is my very own interpretation of the Marvel Comics Universe, character-by-character.

Founding Members - Cyclops (Scott Summers); Storm (Ororo Munroe); Phoenix (Jean Grey); Colossus (Piotr Rasputin); Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde); Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner)

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BatFan2099 BatFan2099 21 June


  • 1 Marvel Universe (616)
    • 1.1 Introduced in Amazing Fantasy
    • 1.2 Introduced in Miles Morales: Spider-Man
    • 1.3 Introduced in X-Men: Gold
  • 2 Ultimate Marvel (1610)
    • 2.1 Introduced in Ultimate Comics Fallout
    • 2.2 Introduced in Ultimate Fantastic Four
    • 2.3 Introduced in Ultimate Marvel Team-Up
    • 2.4 Introduced in Ultimate Spider-Man
    • 2.5 Introduced in Ultimate X-Men
    • 2.6 Introduced in Ultimates





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BatFan2099 BatFan2099 20 June

Polls of the Fanatic

Here are some questions I'd like answered:

Please explain your answers in the Comments section below.

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