I've been wondering with the death of Cable, the resurrection of X-Man what is Scott's relationship like with his "kids"?

He abandoned Cable and his mom when Jean returned and then little Cable is infected with the Techno virus and sent into the future and then comes back like... 20 years older than Scott and all hard and gritty from this war-torn future. What does that do to a father son relationship, I'd guess it causes a strain.

How did he take Cable's death, I mean he pretty much fell apart when Jean died and here he sent his son to die. I ask because his pseudo granddaughter seemed more broken up about it than him.

What were things like with he and Nate Grey, I really have no concrete idea of their history beyond what I can glean from their respective personal histories. I understand he is currently trying to be a "father figure" for Nate.

From the odd panel pic of Rachel, seen here and on ComicVine, it seems she is the most attached to her fellow Summers clan. Is that because she actually "grew up" with them? She seemed pretty broken up about Scott getting together with Emma, and honestly Scott didn't seem to care that his "daughter" was broken up about the whole thing. I say that contrasting a rather touching bit of bonding with her Uncle Alex. She's the only one I know that met Corsair.

How has Scott taken to being a grandpa?

Someone may have already asked this, someone may think this is stupid but I think it's interesting relationship dynamic to think about. The interaction of the alternate reality, fully grown children of a man who had no family, beyond the X-Men, for much of his life. When you factor in Scott's own daddy issues with Corsair and the Professor, his passionate connections with Jean and Emma there doesn't seem much here or anywhere about him and his kids and how those relationships define him.

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