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Hello, true believers. Today, we will be discussing MarvelNOW and everything in it. Lets start with the X-men. Scott Summers sure has changed. A lot of people believe he turned out to be a villain, but if you read some of his titles like All New X-men and Uncanny X-men then you'd see his point of view. To be honest, I don't really like Scott all that much but I didn't really like him before MarvelNOW either. Moving on, Avengers. Janet's back and the team is doing great. The story on the normal Avengers title is a little slow but a good read. Not as much action as a fan would hope. The uncanny avengers is a good title too. I like how it's a team assembled to stop Scott Summers and the leader of that team is none other then Scott's Brother, Alex Summers or Havok. Another Title I am currently reading every issue of is Thor God of Thunder. That is an amazing book. If you haven't heard of it or just haven't read it, go out to your nearest comic book shop and ask for the first issue. you'll be back there to get the rest and soon you'll be buying them every month. This is really the first Thor book I ever looked forward to. My last book I'll talk about in THIS rant (yes, there will be more) is Nova. It's kind of an origin book. If you've read Nova AND AvX then you'll know that Sam is an adult so the Nova books are his origins. I think it's neat how he became Nova.

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