Welcome, True Believers, to my second SoapBox. There were a few comments on my last one pointing out some mistakes I have made. I'll start by fixing them. I said the Uncanny Avengers were formed to stop Scott Summers. I was wrong. It was really to bring better reputation to the mutants by making a mutant Avengers team. I think that is the only mistake they pointed out. Now, onto the title of the day. Venom. This is my all time favorite title so far in MarvelNOW. I only just started so I have the first 4 that are in NOW (31 to 34 so far) but it's an amazing book. SPOILERS!!!!! So Flash moved to Philadelphia to escape his past and he found a new job and his life is picking up (Kind of) when Eddie Brock shows up unexpectedly. Flash doesn't know yet because he's chasing down some guy with green tubes in his back full of liquid thats keeping him alive and he's part robot or something. He eats people but asks for forgiveness each time he kidnaps them. Flash stops him from eating a guy so the mutated guy fights him for a bit but then runs out into an alley and Eddies there so they fight. Then Flash comes and they all fight. Then Mutie runs away so Flash and Eddie fight. Then guy comes back bigger so Flash and Eddie have to fight together against guy. No one will under stand what i just said but don't worry, my next rant won't be so messy and poorly worded. until next time, goodbye.

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