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First off there are some spoilers in the following text, so you have been warned. It is pretty damn long and I hadn’t really noticed until I was done so I separated it the best I can. Sorry

Characters I actually watched the whole anime series when it was still in Japan, and as any other Marvel comic fan I was very excited and had high expectations for the entire show itself. The storyline follows the combined adventure of the X-Men’s more big noticeable head characters, some but not all, from Professor X, to Cyclops, Storm, Beast, and Wolverine. Jean Grey is shown but not a real big part, as she was shown to be the Dark Phoenix early in the beginning, but dies which sets the whole tone for the beginning of the show. For those who may be expecting to see a whole bunch of mutant powers and the X-Men to recruit a lot of new mutants with new powers, then I’m very sad to say but that did not happen. However besides from the X-Men named above there are two other characters that join their ranks, such are Emma Frost, and Hisako Ichiki (Armor). Well some may make a face at seeing Armor like I did, it’s very interesting to see how they took her and her powers and changed it up by adding their own unique touch to them, and well it’s not really a big deal it’s just cool to see something new and interesting that can be done. The show does have good amount realism to their comic book counter parts. Such as Beast and Professor X being very smart and not looking real dumb, like they may do in some shows to help make a characters seem stronger or smarter than the others. Cyclops is of course the leader, but somewhat drawn back due to Jean dying. Wolverine is his same scruffy, blunt self, sort of like showing compassion through a hard kick in the face, but they really did portray him well.


If you are a very big X-Men fan, and have a lot of background knowledge about mutants then you may find it difficult to watch because at times they spend a lot of time going over things that you may already know, such as secondary mutations(i.e. Emma Frost).  The story line behind the show is very good, and different, but at times it may seem very slow, because when the team splits and finds out information that takes a while them to comprehend  and understand, when they meet back up with the other team they literally go over the information right there. Well this may not always be seen as a bad thing because it does have a sort of recap for those who may become confused it does however drastically slow down the story. Since this is coming from over from Japan, those who watch anime will be glad to see some really good smooth animation that really compliments the mutant power that is being used, such as Cyclops’ optic blast. For those who are watching the end credits and may spot their favorite villain hoping to see them very soon, sadly they are really just pictures, but hopefully they will be in any upcoming new episodes. Overall the story may seem to drag its feet  but it is a new and different story so take your time and try to adjust. 

Overall Although I expected to see mutants like Nightcrawler, Iceman, Colossus and all the fun happy-go X-Men members we love, the new X-Men anime is pretty good. The action is pretty good considering that this really is just the beginning and they are trying to set the whole tone for series. However although the storyline is good, at times you may feel like you are watching a Korean drama due to all the emotions that are thrown around. While some of you may just pass and not watch I would say to at least give it a try and sort of get used to their way of storytelling. Otherwise if they do continue making more episodes you don’t want to be stuck catching up. It is definitely a must see for you X-Men fans, so stay open to the new story and try to drive through those slow parts to get to that all rewarding good action parts.

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