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Hawkeye, personally, is my favorite MCU show.

In my opinion, it provided a lovable Christmas atmosphere, and portrayed the ground level threat genre very naturally. The acting by all actors in this series was spot on, and the interactions between Kate and Clint, as well as Kate and Yelena.

I know many who didn't enjoy this series as much. And I get it. Not every show can be perfect. But this show was a good show. It introduces a new character and really fleshed out her development. It gave Clint the last hoorah, or at least in my opinion, he needed. Clint has long since been an underappreciated Avenger. This series gave him a moment in the spotlight, but also acknowledged that he's getting to old and weary for the superhero business--he's just a normal human, and he's getting tired. He just wants to rest with his family and enjoy his Christmas. Not to mention he's deaf, after all the explosions he's had to endure.

Now, this show did have some problems, like all shows--namely, trying to rush everything into the last episode. They tried to shove Yelena's revenge, Echo's heroic turnaround and Kingpin into the last episode. Frankly for me, Kingpin was underused and was taken out too early. I hope he's not really dead, that would be a wasted comeback. Also, Jack. We thought he was guilty for pretty much all of the show, until we found out he was framed. I think he was very underused as Swordsman, and I hope we'll see more of him.

Overall this has been my favorite of the MCU shows. I hope we'll see Kate in later projects, and I hope she wasn't a one-under character.