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  • Deadclaw9

    Marvel rant

    April 10, 2019 by Deadclaw9

    In a couple weeks Avengers endgame will be released. the movie is said to make history. This honestly could be true i mean this movie wont just be a smash hit but it will be a start of a new generation of superheroes and super villains. as we all know. lets talk about end credits because Disney now has the X-men and fantastic four could they appear on the end credits or one of them who bought avengers tower? maybe the fantastic four. yes there tower was in Manhattan but the screen writers and directors don't always go by the comics hell not many people do. the way i picture it is they will show avengers tower and there will be reed Richards putting something down that has a 4 on it how cool would that be then it just ends let me know what …

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