Deadpool(Earth 616) Deadpool(Earth 616) 12 October 2012

I'm baaaaaaack!!!!

Ah, yes, it is I! The Merc With a Mouth, the Red and Black Attack, The Teleportation Sensation, Deadpool! And, yes, I'm really Deadpool! Sorry I left and stuff...I thought you were kicking me out...haha...ha. So, anyway, I haven't been doing much since I lost m' healing factor...


So, anyway, with that whole Marvel NOW! thing, I guess I'll be rebooted! So, uh, I'll be editing the Wiki n' stuff while I'm not out killing zombie George Washington or killing that giant Godzilla thing (I have no idea how that ties into the zombie founding fathers thing)! So, uh, see ya on the blogs n' stuff!

P.S. I'm really Deadpool!

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Deadpool(Earth 616) Deadpool(Earth 616) 6 August 2012

Oh, the memories...!

Hey, my fans(or should I say Deadpooligans), it's me again, the one and only Deadpool! I just wanna say this'll be m' last blog post cause those suits(or whatever they wear, I really don't care!)called th' Admins think I'm not Deadpool and I'm just some fanboy, and they threatened t' kick me off the Wiki!! So, I thought I'd quit while I'm ahead(like Seinfeld!)! And, th' admins want me t' go on th' fanon Wiki! BUT, I'M REALLY DEADPOOL! Th' Admins are probably pissed off cause there's alot of Marvel characters on th' blog posts on this site, but I'm th' only one that should be allowed t' break th' fourth wall, anyway!!! I just wanted to tell you guys that you've been awesome, and thank you for commenting on my blog posts, and remember t' ea…

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Deadpool(Earth 616) Deadpool(Earth 616) 3 August 2012

Days of Future Past: the movie??!!!

Hello! It's me again, good ol' Deadpool! I've gots some breaking news from the Marvel U: BRIAN SINGER JUST ANNOUNCED A X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST MOVIE FOR 2014! That's right! It's time for some time travel, babay!! Also, I still don't know what "days of future past" means!? Hey, and If you're wondering, Brian Singer's gonna direct it! Part of me hopes my boy, Cable is in the movie, and part of me is like 'Why can't I get a movie already?!!!!' Soooooooooo, tell me what all you fans and time travel hopefuls out there think!! And, can one of you people post a link to the article on Screenrant, or something? Much appreciated, m' fans!! COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Deadpool out!

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Deadpool(Earth 616) Deadpool(Earth 616) 1 August 2012

'Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe'?!!!

Move over, Punisher! It's time for me to kill the Marvel Universe! That's right, it's another blog post from me, Deadpool!! Today, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #1 is on sale, so get all up in a comic shop and buy it! It takes place in an alternate reality where I finally snap and go insane(wait, that already happened, I meant snap and go insane again!)and start killing everyone in the Marvel Universe!! By the cover of th' first issue, it looks like I'll be killing m' old friend Cable, Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Hulk!! Soooooo, what do you people think should happen in th' comic? COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!

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Deadpool(Earth 616) Deadpool(Earth 616) 30 July 2012

Spider-Man's armpit webs?!

Hey, Deadpool here! I was just thinking: what happened to those web things Spidey had on his armpit's in th' '60's? They're not in th' comics anymore, and I still don't get what purpose they served! Hey, do you think they should put the armpit webs in The Amazing Spider-Man 2? I don't get what the reason for them t' be there would be in the movie, I just thought it would be kinda AWESOME! What do you people think?! Comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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