What's up? I'm Deadpool! You might be saying "hey, you already posted this blog, Deadpool!"I but that was 'Characters vs their Ultimate selves'! Get it right, hypothetical person! Anyway, tell me who would win these battles, Earth-616 or the movie versions!!! Observe:

Spider-Man vs Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man!!! And, Spider-Man vs Spider-Man in the original 3 movies!!!

Avengers(same line-up as movie) vs movie Avengers!!!

Captain America vs movie Cap!!!

Iron Man vs movie Iron Man!!!

Hulk vs movie Hulk!!!

Thor vs movie Thor!!!

X-Men(same line-up as movie) vs movie X-Men(same line-up as in the first X-Men movie)!!!

Wolverine vs movie Wolverine!!!

Jean Grey vs movie Jean Grey!!!

Magneto vs movie Magneto(old version)!!!

Fantastic Four vs movie Fantastic Four!!!

Doctor Doom vs movie Doctor Doom!!!

Galactus vs movie Galactus!!!

And, by the way, I'd totally beat that completely fake wannabe Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine!!! Also, if you decide who's gonna win those fights, please don't say "the comics version has more experience, so they win every fight"! Comment!!!!!!!!!!!

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