Hello! It's me again, good ol' Deadpool! I've gots some breaking news from the Marvel U: BRIAN SINGER JUST ANNOUNCED A X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST MOVIE FOR 2014! That's right! It's time for some time travel, babay!! Also, I still don't know what "days of future past" means!? Hey, and If you're wondering, Brian Singer's gonna direct it! Part of me hopes my boy, Cable is in the movie, and part of me is like 'Why can't I get a movie already?!!!!' Soooooooooo, tell me what all you fans and time travel hopefuls out there think!! And, can one of you people post a link to the article on Screenrant, or something? Much appreciated, m' fans!! COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Deadpool out!

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