Hi, great news, guys! I finally have a profile on this website! And, yes, it really is me, Deadpool, the merc with the mouth, the red and black attack, the teleportation sensation, the guy with two swords who gets all the whor- never mind. Anyway, I decided to join this wiki cause I noticed that my fellow Marvel characters IncredibleHulk and theMightyThor are on this site, so I thought I'd join! And don't get all paranoid like Hydra Bob and start thinking that I exist. I don't exist. I just brake the forth wall alot! Check out my other websites Deadpoolbugle.com and Merc with a Mouth files.com and the Deadpool Wiki! You people can ask me any questions about yours truly(and by yours truly I mean me, not some character called yours truly)in the comments section, or go to askdeadpool.com! Wiki Wiki what! word.

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