Hey, my fans(or should I say Deadpooligans), it's me again, the one and only Deadpool! I just wanna say this'll be m' last blog post cause those suits(or whatever they wear, I really don't care!)called th' Admins think I'm not Deadpool and I'm just some fanboy, and they threatened t' kick me off the Wiki!! So, I thought I'd quit while I'm ahead(like Seinfeld!)! And, th' admins want me t' go on th' fanon Wiki! BUT, I'M REALLY DEADPOOL! Th' Admins are probably pissed off cause there's alot of Marvel characters on th' blog posts on this site, but I'm th' only one that should be allowed t' break th' fourth wall, anyway!!! I just wanted to tell you guys that you've been awesome, and thank you for commenting on my blog posts, and remember t' eat chimichangas, stare at Bea Arthur, and most importantly, read Deadpool comics!!!! Oh, and by the way, I'M REALLY DEADPOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goodbye, guys, you're awesome, and so am I!!! See ya on the flip side, homies!(always wanted to say that!) EXCELSIOR!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sob, weep,)Oh, th' memories...!

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