Well I just got the game this christmas but so far I am loving the game, the only thing that I say I wouldnt like as uch is the back story for the whole event. It all starts with mysterio the mster of illusions trying to steal a valuable treasure from a museum (like a stereotype bad guy) nly to stoped by the friendly neighborhood spider-man. Trying to take mysterio he launches himself at mysterio only to destroy the tablet of order. And then a whole thing with madam web saying that the tablets are skattered around four dimensions and its only up to those four spider-men to save the day yet again.But anyway the game itself has a great concept for each particular spidey, the noir spider-man's gameplay is all seen around the art of stealth and the shadows. The 2099 gameplay seems to be a big beat em up style o gameplay with random free falls at times. The ultimate game play seems to revolve around just being an all around hero and by taht I mean that in every one of his missons spidey has to save an innocent person somewhere and then defend them by swarms among swarms of enemys. And the one and only spectacular spidey has to do with figuring out the bosses mainly or an elaborate way to beating ones own enemy. But to me this is a great game cant wait to finish it just so I could then play his other game with spidey 2099 (my bad I forgot the name at the moment), those are my opinios or those who wn the game also whats yours?

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